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The cult of Chomsky is dire need of redress. [Read More]
Two new books about unreal islands and yet-to-be-real planets have much to tell us about what human beings want to know when we look around... [Read More]
Israel has supported Kurdish aspirations for decades, should it? [Read More]
'On the Verge (or the Geography of Yearning)' will be presented by Marquette Theatre October 23, 2017TweetMarquette Theatre will present On the Verge (or the... [Read More]
Numerous cases of high-profile sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations against powerful men remind us of the need to speak out. [Read More]
I look back across the ocean at this race-obsessed landscape and think how the discussion of race poisons the mind. [Read More]
From Playboy's Hugh Hefner to Wahhabism. [Read More]
While most of us would declare the study of Latin and Greek terra incognita, Bob Wolverton would argue vehemently otherwise. [Read More]
Some groups shed light on nepotism in Western states. [Read More]
Whiplash! From JFK to Donald Trump: A Political Odyssey by Arnold L. Steinberg (Jameson Books, 640 pages, $39.95) If you want to understand how a... [Read More]
The hysteria unfolding regarding events in Charlottesville reminds me of the anti-Russia madness that has made front page news ever since Hillary Clinton discovered that... [Read More]
The reality of course is that most poor white people in America are political moderates. [Read More]
Novels in which naive Western sojourners in Japan become drawn into a maelstrom of violence are numerous enough to deserve a genre of their own.... [Read More]
The real reason so many on the center-left have bought into the "Russians are coming" nonsense is because they supported the "reset" with Russia in... [Read More]
Israel was always going to be a janus-faced country because of its nature. [Read More]
Lessons learned from two weeks of violence. [Read More]
Israel doesn't win the public relations war when there is violence because it is the powerful party to the conflict. [Read More]
The "Israel apartheid" claim has been around since before South African apartheid ended... [Read More]
They want to blow up cars, not help elderly people. [Read More]
There is an intersection between the mufti and his Nazi camp visits and today's hatred of Israel and Jewish symbols. [Read More]