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Israel doesn't win the public relations war when there is violence because it is the powerful party to the conflict. [Read More]
The "Israel apartheid" claim has been around since before South African apartheid ended... [Read More]
They want to blow up cars, not help elderly people. [Read More]
There is an intersection between the mufti and his Nazi camp visits and today's hatred of Israel and Jewish symbols. [Read More]
Wednesday, June 28th, 2017...9:30 am Ortelius' World Jump to Comments This post is part of an ongoing series featuring items from the exhibition... [Read More]
All previous entries in this series can be found here. *********************** We now approach what may be the most... [Read More]
The American Jewish community is outwardly liberal in surveys, but like others who claim to be left-wing, that liberalism is often only skin deep. [Read More]
FORT COLLINS –  Over the years, Fort Collins has been little more than an I-25 potty stop for us. Beyond the rest area at exit... [Read More]
The Trump presidency presents a unique challenge to other governments. Never before in modern times has a major power, much less the world's paramount power,... [Read More]
To paint all objections to extreme right-wing Islamism as "anti-Islam" is like treating objections to the KKK as "anti-white." [Read More]
The majority of Israelis today don't care about being welcomed in Europe and don't seek European approval. [Read More]
Suffolk University artists' senior thesis exhibit examines the boundary between the known and unknown... [Read More]
Exclusive: After launching a missile strike on Syria, President Trump is basking in praise from his former critics — neocons, Democrats and mainstream media —... [Read More]
I had never bought a loot box until today. I only did it for laughs.Key:UNCANNY VALLEY: ACB3L-CE8ZY-JR542Key:TERRA INCOGNITA CHAPTER ONE STEAM: QND9... [Read More]
For how long have law enforcement known the source of the calls was Israel, not the US? [Read More]
At the very least the new convergence should spell an end to the Israelis who keep saying Israel is too "eastern" and needs to be... [Read More]
Antisemitism is being mainstreamed, along with a whitewashing and watering down of the Holocaust and Nazi crimes. [Read More]
Trump's message to the old boys' network of the White House Press Corps is: "I don't need you." [Read More]
Hundreds of millions of people in numerous countries have been sentenced to live in country-like prisons due the unwillingness to confront dictators and authoritarian regimes. [Read More]
Hamas wants the best of both worlds; to be a fascist, antisemitic radical right-wing organization and have people running to whitewash it on the Left. [Read More]