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The Vermont independent said President Trump and Republicans want to shred Medicare and Social Security to provide tax cuts for the privileged few. [Read More]
Iowa's largest newspaper destroys the Republican Party in their endorsement of every Democrat running for the Congress in Iowa.The Des Moines Register slams congressional Republicans on healthcare, tax cuts,... [Read More]
Chris Hughes, an advocate for a basic income, contends that less than a third of Americans have reaped the benefits of President Donald Trump's tax... [Read More]
Full Frontal's Samantha Bee opened her show Wednesday by taking apart the Republican fearmongering strategy for the midterm elections: to paint Democrats as the... [Read More]
Chris Hughes, Economic Security Project co-chair and Facebook co-founder, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss income inequality, the U.S. economy and the labor market. [Read More]
The media mogul likes Trump's tax cuts, but not tariffs, which Forbes dubs a "sales tax." [Read More]
TBS Despite President Trump's claims that America is doing "better than ever" under his leadership, Samantha Bee pointed out on this week's Full Frontal that... [Read More]
Tax cuts have had a greater impact on companies than on individuals. [Read More]
President Trump, top administration officials and Republican congressional leaders claim that the rising deficit,... [Read More]
They argue that it confirms their worst fears about the tax cuts. [Read More]
Fox Business' Stuart Varney couldn't get a straight answer from Trump's economic advisor as to why the deficit is exploding, and wages aren't rising enough... [Read More]
The GOP agenda is cutting corporate taxes while also cutting government benefits. Republicans have removed all doubt: When it comes to the federal deficit, the... [Read More]
Americans will vote in the midterm elections in fewer than three weeks. The latest CBS News polling predicts if the elections were held today, Democrats... [Read More]
CNN's John Avlon looks at the booming economy and deficit, and President Trump's promise that tax cuts would pay for themselves. [Read More]
Rep. Peter Roskam, a chief architect of the sweeping tax cuts, argues they have jump-started economic growth and created jobs. But there's one thing they... [Read More]
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit... [Read More]
An era is coming to an end. [Read More]
McHenry County officials have proposed a 2019 budget that includes more than $9.8 million in tax cuts. ... [Read More]
In December 2017, the Republican-led Senate took a 2 AM vote to pass one of the largest tax cuts in history, cuts that would grossly... [Read More]
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the U.S. budget deficit is "disturbing" and spending on entitlement programs must be addressed by both Republicans and Democrats. [Read More]
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