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With tax day now in the rearview mirror, profits and losses are likely to be uppermost in the minds of business owners -- people who get... [Read More]
The House passed bipartisan IRS reform legislation; that should be only the starting point for assisting the underfunded agency. [Read More]
Happy Tax Day! You have until midnight tonight to file with the IRS -- or, like President Donald Trump -- to ask for an extension. [Read More]
Commentary: Congressman Steve Pearce today released the following statement on Tax Day 2018: "Today is the deadline for all Americans to file their federal... [Read More]
Now that tax day has come and gone, parents of college-bound students can get to work on the equally daunting Free Application for Federal Student... [Read More]
Without a doubt, tax day is one of the most dreaded days of the year. But, we're trying to make it a little easier on... [Read More]
As Tax Day approaches it is important to point out just how much working families were left out of the $1.5 trillion deal pushed by... [Read More]
Markets Insider Bitcoin cash is up more than 10% Friday. A hard-fork of the currency is expected May 15, which will form Bitcoin... [Read More]
Many cryptocurrency analysts attributed much of bitcoin's decline in the last two months to investors cashing out to pay taxes on last year's massive capital... [Read More]
Haven't filed your taxes by Tax Day? You may end up paying a pretty penny. [Read More]
With hours to go before the Tax Day deadline, parts of the IRS payment system appeared to be not working, sending last minute filers into... [Read More]
Tax day hath cometh and goeth. I hope you sent your paperwork to the IRS, or got an extension. Meanwhile, the state Legislature is no... [Read More]
For nearly 11 hours on the busiest tax day of the year, the agency was unable to accept tax returns. [Read More]
Congress and watchdogs have been warning the IRS to upgrade its systems for years. [Read More]
Tax professionals try to relax all season long, but especially after the last return is filed. [Read More]
We began Part 1 with the Donald's bogus tax day boast that the American economy has come roaring back. But that falsehood merits further debunking because it succinctly embodies the... [Read More]
In recognition of Tax Day 2018, Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) announces the release of a video designed to answer the frequently-asked question, "where do all... [Read More]
THE CABLE BILL was the last straw, says Kristin Tate. "That's the one that really made me mad." [Read More]
I spent a portion of tax day collecting signatures to cut military spending. The Peace Economy Project will deliver them to Congress in early June.... [Read More]