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Vice President Mike Pence touted economic success at the Marriot St. Louis. A woman was removed from the speech after an outburst that appeared to... [Read More]
Vice President Mike Pence was in St. Louis Thursday morning praising the president's tax cuts. [Read More]
Governor Phil Scott's administration determined near the start of this year that the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would bring some bad news. [Read More]
Stupid. .07/19/2018 19:17:17PM EST. [Read More]
Washington County officials heard a report on Tuesday on the effect of federal-tax reform on Maryland tax filings, increases in highway-user revenues and the potential... [Read More]
The tax reform hasn't yet resulted in appreciably higher wages for American workers. Real average hourly compensation actually fell in the first quarter after the... [Read More]
The Commonwealth Foundation is pleased to announce that State Rep. Stephen Bloom will join the organization as vice president in December of this year following... [Read More]
Utah lawmakers have approved a tax change they say will help protect large families who might otherwise be adversely impacted by federal tax reform. Supporters... [Read More]
Family of seven? You could see a little bit of money coming back to you in the form of a child tax credit. The Utah... [Read More]
This summer, MBA student Cody Evans is traveling to low-income areas targeted by a new federal program for economic investment to see how they could... [Read More]
Claiming their states have been unfairly targeted, the attorneys general of Connecticut, New York, Maryland and New Jersey filed a lawsuit Tuesday morning challenging the... [Read More]
Tax reform's limitation of interest deductibility will create a more efficient economy and a more resilient financial system. Critically, it should survive the next Democratic... [Read More]
By Matt Sommer Retirement and wealth strategies expert Matt Sommer answers questions from advisors on market events, legislation and trends that may impact thei... [Read More]
The Parliamentary Budget Office has sounded a wake-up call for Australia's tax system. [Read More]
In a news release, Governor Cuomo and AG Barbara Underwood announced the lawsuit to fight the law that they say will hurt New York taxpayers. [Read More]
On Tuesday, as the controversy continued to rage over President Donald Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, some Republicans are going back to business... [Read More]
The lawsuit filed on behalf of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland targets the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions.        ... [Read More]
After months of threats, Gov. Cuomo announced the filing of a lawsuit Tuesday to block an "un-American" and "repugnant" federal Republican tax reform law he... [Read More]
The lawsuit targets the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions.        ... [Read More]
Sen. Rob Portman had a column in the Gazette July 9 arguing that President Trump's tax reform is making a real difference. He says economic... [Read More]