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Wisconsin taxpayers spent nearly $41,000 to send state senators on out-of-state trips since 2015, including to President Donald Trump's first state-of-the-union address. The Associated Press... [Read More]
The inmates doing the community service are non-violent offenders, and the program will not cost taxpayers any money. [Read More]
Kentucky taxpayers and pension beneficiaries won by the attorney general's failure to block appointments to the state's retirement system board.        ... [Read More]
The city Parks Department's shoddy oversight over how private contractors handle department construction projects has cost taxpayers nearly $5 million, including nearly $800,000 at President... [Read More]
The house of Sergei Skripal will be purchased by UK taxpayers, according to officials cited by The Sunday Times. The move has prompted a range... [Read More]
The 10 biggest borrowers accounted for more than half of all debt incurred by public-sector entities in Arizona. Total debt dropped under $40 billion      ... [Read More]
Americans are helping foot the bill. [Read More]
Shocking reports have revealed that immigrant children were subdued and incapacitated with powerful psychiatric drugs at a detention center in South Texas. Legal filings show... [Read More]
For Ohio taxpayers, this new week is 2018's most dangerous week: The Ohio General Assembly is antsy to go home. And that means not everyone... [Read More]
Beginning Monday, July 2, Comal County Tax Assessor-Collector Cathy C. Talcott will transfer 2017 delinquent property tax accounts to the county's collections attorney, which will... [Read More]
Despite multiple investigations of alleged overtime abuse within the Massachusetts State Police, one pricey overtime practice costing taxpayers millions of dollars, each year, has been... [Read More]
A long-desired renovation of the Howland-Hughes building downtown is underway, and state taxpayers are paying for about half the $15 million project.Even so, city and... [Read More]
Town again considers fines for police calls to Southington group home- SOUTHINGTON — Town officials are again considering... [Read More]
South Carolina gubernatorial hopeful John Warren had a message for the voters – I'll have your back. [Read More]
The News 4 I-Team found taxpayers spent more than $175,000 for a paint job at the Nashville Fairgrounds that was only guaranteed for 90 days. [Read More]
Misdirected attention As Connecticut balances on the edge of fiscal ruin, what are Sen. Blumenthal and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro spending all their time... [Read More]
Florida officials are taking bids for a privately funded high-speed rail connection from Orlando to Tampa. Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday that the Florida Department... [Read More]
When you get our house painted, how long do you expect it to last? Three years? Five years? The News 4 I-Team... [Read More]
The City of Sturgis is trying something new. It has just completed a structure that will keep the hot summer sunlight off the heads... [Read More]
The search for an inmate who escaped from the Metropolitan Detention Center nearly two weeks ago is costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. [Read More]