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"I will be making donations in the near future to multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves." [Read More]
The donation came after Swift pledged to helped survivors of sexual assault in the wake of her victory on Monday (Aug. 14) in a countersuit... [Read More]
Taylor Swift vowed to give donations to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault following her court victory Monday. ... [Read More]
Taylor Swift donates money to Mariska Hargitay's foundation—read more here. [Read More]
Taylor Swift is putting her money where her mouth is. [Read More]
Making good on a promise she made after winning her countersuit against a former Denver DJ who allegedly groped her in 2013, Taylor Swift has... [Read More]
Taylor Swift is a woman of her word. [Read More]
When did Taylor Swift become controversial? At a glance, could there be anyone more suited to appeal to pretty much everyone, ever? Aspiring singer-songwriter... [Read More]
Supporters rallied around her as she faced off with alleged groper in court but critics offered some misguided observations... [Read More]
The essayist and author of "Chuck Klosterman X" talks about Taylor Swift and the future of journalism on Recode Media with Peter Kafka. [Read More]
As the readers of TruthRevolt know well, most celebrities lean left and are happy to virtue-signal their political position at every opportunity. Some celebs more... [Read More]
How was Taylor Swift's case a model for young fans who lack her resources? [Read More]
On Wednesday, it was revealed that Swift made an 'extremely generous' donation to Hargitay's Joyheart Foundation, he Huffington Post reports. [Read More]
After Grammy-winning singer Taylor Swift said she would be donating to charities that aid the survivors of sexual assault, she made good on that promise... [Read More]
Taylor Swift has reportedly donated a large sum of money to a charity that helps victims of sexual assault following her court victory earlier this... [Read More]
"My hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard," Swift said after her victory Monday following a groping trial... [Read More]
On Monday afternoon, Taylor Swift won her groping case against former Colorado DJ David Mueller. On Monday evening, the Grammy-winning singer announced in a statement... [Read More]
Upon winning her trial against David Mueller, the singer gives to the Joyful Heart Foundation... [Read More]
Taylor Swift is the sweetest! [Read More]
Rep. Justin Amash got word that Taylor Swift's rights-management company filed for trademark requests on phrases that include "Swiftmas." [Read More]