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First, it was the "gallon challenge" and the "cinnamon challenge." Then some teenagers started playing the "bath-salt ch ... [Read More]
Internet fame is driving the latest teen fad: biting into detergent pods. But the so-called "Tide Pod Challenge" can kill, and the problem goes beyond... [Read More]
Sam Rockwell made his hosting debut on "SNL" Saturday night and it took about ten minutes for him to drop his first f-bomb during a... [Read More]
Three teenagers have been arrested in relation to armed robberies in Thomastown and Laverton between January 8 to 10. [Read More]
Two teenagers were injured in a stabbing that happened at Laurelhurst Park Saturday night. ... [Read More]
Not to be outdone by the adults, teenagers will be flocking to the library this month to learn cooking, coding and chess. Young people ages... [Read More]
Five teenagers are receiving high honors for saving a fellow Boy Scout. [Read More]
From the mayor to state leaders, local activists and even teenagers, dozens celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through song,... [Read More]
Gronk doesn't want you shoving plastic pods full of laundry detergent in your mouth, a very specific and suddenly rational concern. [Read More]
The familiar sound of fastballs popping into catchers mitts provided the soundtrack to the workout on the back field at Tempe Diablo Stadium. One by... [Read More]
MPs call for urgent action over reported rise in illicit use of potent tranquilliser... [Read More]
It can be a relief when mom hands over the car keys and retires mom's taxi. But teaching a teenager to drive can be a... [Read More]
The upcoming celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week brought together young kids, teenagers, parents and community leaders for the MLK 50 Forward... [Read More]
First, it was the "gallon challenge" and the "cinnamon challenge." Then some teenagers started playing the "bath-salt challenge." They have dared each other to pour... [Read More]
Brigham Young University College of Fine Arts and Communications alumnus Liz Shropshire has devoted her life and talents to helping children and teenagers from war-torn... [Read More]
What began as a small project by two local teenagers with the hopes of collecting a box or two of donations turned into three car... [Read More]
This month, The National Institute on Drug Abuse is hosting an online chat day specifically for teenagers. Joining us this morning to talk about that... [Read More]
Safe and inexpensive is the goal of Project Prom Dress. The all-volunteer organization laid out rows of dresses for teenagers to shop this weekend. [Read More]