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On Friday Telltale Games abruptly shut down, laying off most of its employees without warning. The studio was in the midst of wrapping up the... [Read More]
The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stranger Things games have definitely been cancelled. [Read More]
A few days ago, Telltale Games announced that it was closing down. The studio laid off 225 employees and retained only 25 to finish off... [Read More]
Telltale Games took to Twitter to announce that maybe, just maybe, the company will finish 'The Walking Dead: The Final Season' in some form at... [Read More]
Telltale Games says it's working with 'multiple potential partners' to complete The Walking Dead: The Final Season. [Read More]
Bay Area-based Telltale Games, maker of hit spinoff video games like "The Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones," said last week that it laid off... [Read More]
Telltale Games was so sure of its take on "The Walking Dead" and the conclusion of protagonist Clementine's tale that they took the unusual step... [Read More]
Telltale Games was working on a game with a decidedly different approach to telling a story before it was cancelled. [Read More]
When The Walking Dead: The Final Season was named, it only referred to the end of the series and the end of Clementine's story. Now,... [Read More]
Telltale Games might be closing, but Netflix is still exploring options for a Stranger Things video game. Last week, Telltale Games laid off 200 employees... [Read More]
Look at this alleged leak of Telltale Games' Stranger Things and wonder what could have been... [Read More]
Telltale Games, an independent developer and publisher that championed narrative in video games through its characters' conversations and quandaries, has laid off most of its... [Read More]
The evening Inbox is still shocked at the closure of Telltale Games, as more readers describe their favourite Final Fantasy games. [Read More]
Following abrupt layoffs at Telltale Games, the last two episodes of the "The Walking Dead" video game may never be released. [Read More]
Another question Telltale Games' closure left unanswered was what to expect from the Stranger Things game that was coming to Netflix. On this front, the... [Read More]
Could Microsoft or THQ Nordic breathe new life into Telltale Games? Clementine will remember that. [Read More]
"The Walking Dead: The Final Season" video game may be left unfinished due to layoffs at Telltale Games Since 2012, "The Walking Dead" players have... [Read More]
A few days ago, Telltale Games announced that the studio was in the process of closing down, and that only 25 employees would remain to... [Read More]
Telltale Games employees were surprised when CEO Pete Hawley announced the closure of the company at a staff-wide meeting. One employee, a source told Kotaku,... [Read More]
The mass layoffs at Telltale Games have put an end to its collaboration with Netflix on a Stranger Things game—but the streaming giant is exploring... [Read More]