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Last week, 12 members of the Wild Boars youth soccer team and their coach were rescued from Thailand's Tham Luang Nang Non cave system. Because... [Read More]
Seriously, every CNN-addled film producer needs to calm down. This intellectual property is spoken for. [Read More]
Technical terms, battle cries and a multicultural 14-year-old came to the rescue of the international Tham Luang cave effort... [Read More]
NBC's Janis Mackey Frayer checks in on the Thai youth soccer team after the cave rescue that saved their lives. Savannah Guthrie joins Megyn Kelly... [Read More]
Linh Pham/Getty Images The Thai cave rescue mission may help boost the popularity of Thailand's military junta. The military took power in 2014... [Read More]
The Thai cave rescue mission may help boost the popularity of Thailand's military junta. The military took power in 2014 and has since cracked down... [Read More]
"We were thinking, when we get out of the cave, we would have to ride the bicycle home," said the boys' coach. [Read More]
During their first public appearance after being discharged from the hospital, the Wild Boars soccer players explain how they tried to dig their way out... [Read More]
Radio host Mark Davis shares his opinion on President Donald Trump's meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Plus, he talks about the Papa John's controversy... [Read More]
Happiness is a birthday cake, a meal of pork-knuckle rice, a warm bed and a trip to buy a new mobile telephone. [Read More]
Rashid Umar Abbasi / Reuters Elon Musk was criticised for donating $38,900 to a Republican fundraising committee, causing some to question his commitment... [Read More]
After watching the Thai cave rescue unfold, many people have probably decided that caves are dangerous places that no ordinary person would want to go... [Read More]
The Thai soccer team who were trapped inside a cave decided to allow the boys that live furthest away to be rescued first. 25-year-old coach... [Read More]
The 12 boys rescued from a cave in northern Thailand have played football with some of the Navy Seals who helped save them. [Read More]
Journalists had their questions moderated by a child psychologist at the first press conference with the rescued Thai boys. [Read More]
He's now apologized for calling one of the rescuers a "pedo." Tech billionaire — and noted Twitter hothead — Elon Musk wrote yet another surprising... [Read More]
Tesla and SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk apologized Wednesday to a British diver who was involved in the Thai cave rescue for calling him "pedo... [Read More]
CNN's Nick Glass recounts all the details of the Thai cave rescue. [Read More]
Royal Thai Navy Facebook Page via AP All 12 members of a Thai soccer team and their coach were rescued from a cave... [Read More]