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I realize things happen that are out of our control. I do my best to be understanding and patient, but when it affects garbage pick-up,... [Read More]
RUSSIAPutin reaches out to UkraineVirtually on the eve of Ukraine's parliamentary elections, the Kremlin released comments by President Vladimir Putin, saying that the two countries... [Read More]
Iowa is blessed with fertile soil and generations of innovators who produce food for the world. Like other Midwestern states, Iowa takes advantage of its... [Read More]
  MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – We have another day of heat to make it through before things get a little cooler. FOX 2's Katherine Hessel... [Read More]
Advice on how to end a friendship with grace and integrity. And, as with most things, says empowerment coach Remy Blumenfeld, if you take full... [Read More]
Weekday fun in Sarasota and Manatee counties. [Read More]
It's been 50 years since the Apollo 11 astronauts became the first to walk on the moon on July 21, 1969. The Space Age had... [Read More]
The differences between how things are going for the Colorado Rockies and New York Yankees are starkly different and on display this weekend. While... [Read More]
Editor: Understandably, Mr. Trump, because you are apparently the only "exceptionally stable genius" on the planet, some things are easier for you to comprehend than... [Read More]
The heat wave continues today with heat indices of 105 to 110. Though things will cool down for the start of the workweek Monday, severe... [Read More]
'Stuber" is perhaps the most insanely uneven film I've ever seen, producing hysterical laughter at things one would, nay should, never think funny. Billed as... [Read More]
Love Island's Jordan Hames asks Anna Vikali to be his girlfriend on tonight's explosive episode of the show. The 24-year-old model wants to make things... [Read More]
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Not long ago, I was looking through some photographs taken back in 2008 and I looked behind me in one picture to see this large... [Read More]
Candidates say nutty things, but usually they're accidental, unscripted remarks. No adviser or focus group ever suggested to Mitt Romney that he mention his wife's... [Read More]
Singer and presenter Myleene Klass is about to pop and wants to get things moving with spicy food... [Read More]
Defeat instructs those who take away the important lessons. [Read More]