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Rita Wilson opened up about her journey with breast cancer, and the key to her 30-year marriage to Tom Hanks, for TODAY's One Small Thing... [Read More]
Tom Hanks' rapping son said that drugs and trolling are to blame for his flagrant use of the N-word years ago. [Read More]
Tom Hanks took to social media on Monday, calling Pittsburgh a "great town." [Read More]
Tom Hanks once lived in a houseboat? That's right, a floating home in Alameda, CA, in fact-and it's just hit the market for $600,000. [Read More]
There has been another Tom Hanks sighting in Pittsburgh. [Read More]
Martin Scorsese will be honored with the Museum of Modern Art's 11th annual Film Benefit on Nov. 19, MoMA announced today. Previous honorees of MoMA's... [Read More]
Witnesses say the 61-year-old was taking a cigarette break when he "may have suffered a medical emergency", causing him to fall. [Read More]
Production has been suspended after tragic accident on the scene of Tom Hanks' upcoming Mister Rogers film "You Are My Friend." [Read More]
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson want their depositions related to their son's car crash sealed exclusively learned. [Read More]
'This is a devastating tragedy...'... [Read More]
Filming in Pittsburgh of the Mister Rogers movie featuring Tom Hanks has been suspended following the death of a crew member who fell from a... [Read More]
Buy a fact check scorecard, because you can't always tell celebrities apart by the shirts they wear. [Read More]
An Emmy Award-winning crew member has died on the set of Tom Hanks's forthcoming movie about Mr. Rogers, according to reports on Oct. 12. He was... [Read More]
James M. Emswiller, a sound mixer on Tom Hanks' new Mr. Rogers movie You Are My Friend, has died after falling off of a balcony... [Read More]
A sound mixer was badly injured tonight in a fall on the set of the untitled Mister Rogers biopic starring Tom Hanks, according to local... [Read More]
A 65-year-old sound mixer is in critical condition at the UPMC Mercy hospital near Mt. Lebanon, Pa. after a fall from a two story building... [Read More]
A big piece of actor-producer Tom Hanks's past is up for sale, right here in the Bay Area. [Read More]
The houseboat, which is 1,152-square feet with two bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms, was owned by Amos Hanks, father of actor Tom Hanks. The... [Read More]