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Tom Wolfe and Margot Kidder are among the notable people whose deaths have been announced in the last week. [Read More]
Morning Joe marks the passing of the literary giant. [Read More]
Tom Wolfe, one of America's great writers, died on Monday in New York City. He was 88.Mr. Wolfe lived in Manhattan... [Read More]
Author, gadfly, wordsmith, dandy. [Read More]
A 1985 Chronicle profile of Tom Wolfe, who died ... [Read More]
He was a friend, a wit and a literary inspiration. And what a figure he cut—like a crazed, antique peacock. [Read More]
The Bronx is far removed from the dystopia Wolfe described and Wall Street has lost its prestige, but the Upper East Side remains the same... [Read More]
Tom Wolfe had the ability to spot important social trends before the rest of us did. One of his most underrated books is I am…... [Read More]
Tom Wolfe did not blend in. He was a southerner in New York, a New Yorker in the world, a reporter among novelists and vice-versa,... [Read More]
Sherman McCoy wore leather boating moccasins with a checked shirt and khakis. Nestor Camancho wore a too-small cop uniform to accent his muscular physique. And... [Read More]
Sherman McCoy, the hero of Tom Wolfe's novel, could never have foreseen the seismic changes in bonds. [Read More]
In order to describe the writing style of Tom Wolfe, one would have to be blessed with ... the writing genius of Tom Wolfe. But... [Read More]
No journalist ever moved to fiction with the panache of Tom Wolfe. But then no one ever moved to anything with quite the panache of... [Read More]
Tom Wolfe was a great American writer who tried to change the world with words, and that worked about as well as you would imagine. [Read More]
"You're either on the bus or off the bus." ― "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" [Read More]
Tom Wolfe, a Richmond native who produced nonfiction books and novels as well as notable essays — "The Last American Hero is Junior Johnson. Yes!"... [Read More]
"You have to be brave." [Read More]
You think Wolfe was only hard on New York's power class? He was also the original armchair design critic. [Read More]
Tom Wolfe's best-known work, 1987's "The Bonfire of the Vanities," perfectly described the rising Age of Trump but offered no solution but to laugh at... [Read More]
Wolfe opened my eyes to the use of words unto themselves, not simply as a means of communication, but as something to experience.       ... [Read More]