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The Aug. 21 solar eclipse that crossed the heart of South Carolina, filling hotels from Greenville to Charleston, became the state's largest tourist event on... [Read More]
Watching the eclipse was monumental for many reasons. [Read More]
Remember the end of August, when the Great American Solar Eclipse was all anyone could talk about? What about your solar eclipse glasses —... [Read More]
The total eclipse weekend in South Carolina drew 1.6 million visitors, according to the state's tourism bureau, and that doesn't include international travelers. [Read More]
We are blessed that our world is bathed in abundant, life-giving sunlight every day. [Read More]
No one in American public life has more disdain for experts and their expertise than President Donald Trump. And yet, there he was in late... [Read More]
This week's total eclipse is giving Facebook and Snapchat some tough competition. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.        ... [Read More]
Editor's note: Astronomy Update is published on the third Saturday of the month, is provided by the Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society, and is compiled by... [Read More]
EDITOR:... [Read More]
I traveled 700 miles to camp near my father's homelands by Indian Cave State Park and see the total eclipse on a hill south of... [Read More]
Two independent natural phenomena have occurred over the past few days that will be etched in the memories, minds and hearts of people across the... [Read More]
It was dark as night during the recent total solar eclipse, yet people and objects were easier to see than on a typical moonless night.... [Read More]
While traveling to Nebraska recently to view the total eclipse, 11-year-old Hagen Pate took time to photograph this rural scene capturing a variety of lines... [Read More]
Hagen Pate, 11-year-old grandson of regular Herald contributor Connie Barnett of Briscoe County, traveled to Omaha with his family for the recent total eclipse. His... [Read More]
A Look Around by Paige Mengel is published every other Tuesday in Lifestyles. [Read More]
As I sit here burning the retinas out of my eyes trying to see the total eclipse occur (if only that darn cloud would move... [Read More]
Fantastic. I can't think of a better word to describe events of recent days here in the Upper Cumberland.First we got to experience an incredible... [Read More]
For most of those who saw the total eclipse as it cast a 70-mile wide shadow swath across America on Aug. 21, it was their... [Read More]
You won't have to wait long for the next solar eclipse, which will happen every day this year. You just will not be in the... [Read More]
Last month's total eclipse was a stunning event for those in the path of totality (including my front yard) and still a spectacular one for... [Read More]