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The trade ministers of the 11 remaining TPP nations have agreed on key aspects of the trade pact in November and hope to sign a... [Read More]
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is moving forward without the U.S. The trade ministers of the 11 remaining TPP nations have agreed on key aspects of... [Read More]
This position stands in sharp contrast with Japan, which has sought to turn the Trans-Pacific Partnership, though rendered flaccid after the United States' withdrawal, into... [Read More]
President Trump has just completed a 12-day tour of Asia, including stops in Japan, China, Korea, and the Philippines, and in Vietnam to attend the... [Read More]
One of Trump's first actions as president was to quit TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a broad trade agreement with 11 other nations. [Read More]
President Trump spent Wednesday morning tweeting about "our successful trip to Asia," although many regional experts were not so quick to share his characterization. "The... [Read More]
Some farm groups are concerned that the U.S. lack of participation in the Trans Pacific Partnership could hurt Kansas farmers. [Read More]
the biggest trade deal in history... [Read More]
In a political environment that has seen the United States withdraw from international agreements like the Paris climate accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, former United... [Read More]
On his Asia trip, President Donald Trump slammed the globalist vision of multilateral "free trade" regimes such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership that, he said, subvert... [Read More]
The pact is better without American influence—but now we won't enjoy the benefits. [Read More]
Anti-Trump protests have broken out across the Philippines ... [Read More]
After talks aimed at wrapping up the Trans-Pacific Partnership almost collapsed in acrimony in Vietnam last week, ministers are now warning that a rival As... [Read More]
Donald Trump the candidate pledged to abandon the Trans Pacific Partnership, and days into his presidency he did so. He views the trade agreement, negotiated... [Read More]
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is continuing to offer to help resolve the Manus Island crisis to "balance up with her own constituency" the Government's support... [Read More]
Though the Trump administration pulled the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, 11 countries have announced plans to revive it in a new deal. The... [Read More]
Evan Vucci/AP President Donald Trump has talked tough on trade, but concrete actions have been more sporadic. A new report from Pictet... [Read More]
Trade officials from 11 countries are moving forward with a new version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and agreed on the main elements of the multilateral... [Read More]
Nearly a year later, Donald Trump's handling of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) appears to be doing more harm than good to U.S. interests. [Read More]
A reported breach at the National Security Agency is described as "catastrophic" and even worse than Edward Snowden's massive data leak. Former acting CIA director... [Read More]