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Donald Trump campaigned for president on the premise that he would rip up US trade deals including the North America Free Trade Agreement with Mexico... [Read More]
Top negotiators from the 11 remaining Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) members will hold a meeting in Japan next week to discuss changing or freezing parts of... [Read More]
Experts say that the implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership may take longer than expected after the US withdrawal from the deal. [Read More]
Welcome to the 602nd original "Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day" profile, where we'll be discussing Paul Nehlen, an executive at a water filtration company who... [Read More]
Ken Beck characterizes his life as a farmer in the U.S. right now as a gamble. "Risky at best," he told VOA. "There... [Read More]
IF AMERICA is the biggest loser from the election of Donald Trump, can Asia not claim at least second place? Many policymakers and Asia hands... [Read More]
Some of the 11 signatory countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership have put forward long lists of proposed revisions to the free trade pact, sources close... [Read More]
Peru and Indonesia will likely start negotiating a free trade deal in December as Lima pursues a "very aggressive" trade agenda following Washington's withdrawal from... [Read More]
Free trade is a hot topic across the nation, with President Donald Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans Pacific Partnership. He's also considering re-negotiating... [Read More]
The chief negotiators from the 11 remaining Trans-Pacific Partnership countries began three-day talks in Sydney on Monday to move forward implementation of... [Read More]
TPP-11 nations have the historic opportunity to rein in excessive copyright term extension   Latest reports confirm that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being... [Read More]
from which Trump's administration withdrew earlier this year.Writing in Politico on July 31, Flake criticized Trump'... [Read More]
National has released trade policy to complete or start seven free trade deals - which it says will unlock markets with 2.5 billion people. ... [Read More]
Lennox McLendon/AP The first round of re-negotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement between the US, Canada, and Mexico began on Wednesday and is scheduled... [Read More]
Trade deals are touted as either profit makers or job takers. Negotiations can last several years. Some have resulted in deadlock like Doha, or a... [Read More]
It might sound counterintuitive that Democrats, looking to defeat President Trump in 2020, would turn to an ultra-wealthy former businessman who supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership,... [Read More]
Trade negotiations, such as talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are done in secret. To understand what those negotiations are like, the Planet Money podcast looks... [Read More]
The New Zealand government has decided to move forward with a modified version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Wednesday, breathing new life into the regional free-trade... [Read More]
The government has approved a negotiating mandate for the Trans-Pacific Partnership 11. [Read More]