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Photo illustration by The Daily Beast In 2014, the United Kingdom topped the Rainbow Index, an annual ranking of LGBT equality published by a European... [Read More]
Transgender people are asking for support to make getting a correct birth certificate easier. [Read More]
Asked of Hispanic-Americans: "Are you in this country legally?" Asked of gays and lesbians and bisexuals: "How do you have sex?" Asked of transgender people:... [Read More]
As the Supreme Court considered whether Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross must answer questions in a court case about why he decided to add a citizenship... [Read More]
National LGBTQ organization Lambda Legal and a local law firm announced a lawsuit Monday that will challenge a state policy that prohibits transgender people from... [Read More]
A federal lawsuit is challenging a Kansas policy that prohibits changing the gender designation on birth certificates for transgender people. Lamba Legal says Kansas is... [Read More]
Pakistan News: While Pakistan is deeply conservative and homosexuality is illegal, the country has approved laws giving transgender people better rights than in many... [Read More]
Lawyers for President Donald Trump urged a federal appeals court in Portland to allow the administration to prevent certain transgender people from serving in the... [Read More]
Attorneys representing nine plaintiffs who are transgender and the state of Washington countered that the district judge ruled appropriately and defended the injunction. The district... [Read More]
New York City will begin offering a third gender option -- to be designated by "x" on municipal birth certificates -- under a bill Mayor... [Read More]
A question that proposes eliminating certain rights for transgender people will appear on the statewide ballot in Massachusetts this November.Question 3 asks voters if they... [Read More]
Transgender people often require a great deal of medical care. Mental health counseling, hormone therapy, speech language therapy, mastectomy, facial feminization, sperm retrieval or egg... [Read More]
Not all transgender people want or need medical assistance as they transition. But for those who do, the process can be time consuming and extremely expensive. [Read More]
Campaigners are trying to revoke legislation that protects transgender people from discrimination in public accommodations... [Read More]
A fabulous force of thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people came out Saturday to celebrate Southwest Florida's 10th Annual Pride Festival... [Read More]
Governor Charlie Baker endorsed Question 3, the ballot question that would uphold the state's antidiscrimination law for transgender people. [Read More]
Abbott had previously advocated for legislation restricting transgender people to facilities that match their biological sex... [Read More]
The debate over rights for transgender people rumbles on in the wake of proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. Is there a so-called 'trans…... [Read More]
Former 'Teen Mom' star David Eason went on a Facebook rant against transphobic people, claiming they peep on children in the bathroom. [Read More]
Judge Tom Schroeder's ruling on HB142 prompted new debate over old issue that prompted HB2. [Read More]