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The Trump administration has launched a preemptive strike in defense of its 2018 budget, defending it as a first-ever spending plan formulated more from the... [Read More]
The Trump administration is defending its 2018 budget as a first-ever spending plan formulated more from the perspective of the taxpayer, and less from that... [Read More]
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says the Trump administration is proposing "the most ambitious expansion" of school choice in American history. But in a speech Monday... [Read More]
USA extends sanctions relief under Iran nuclear deal ... [Read More]
Israelis And Arabs Share 'Common Cause' Against Iran ... [Read More]
'Senior adviser under scrutiny' in Russian Federation probe ... [Read More]
"SNL" had an insanely target-rich environment, with everything up for grabs from Donald Trump's often-bizarre Twitter rants, to his comments about sexual assault and history,... [Read More]
How Hollywood created our monster When Trump berated Hillary's staff for taking the 5th amendment, he derisively compared them... [Read More]
The White House is releasing its 2018 budget Tuesday, and it is once again trying to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment... [Read More]
The White House is expected to ask for big cuts, push school choice and change student loan repayment. But presidents have rarely succeeded in cutting... [Read More]
Story developing... [Read More]
The president's new budget will make cuts to programs like food stamps and social security disability insurance... [Read More]
On Tuesday, Donald Trump will unveil the first comprehensive budget proposal of his presidency, encompassing proposals affecting defense and non-defense funding for government agencies, tax... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's budget, being released Tuesday, "strives to replace dependency with the dignity of work through welfare reform efforts," says an executive summary. [Read More]
Trump promised not to touch Social Security and Medicare, but most everything just got proven fair game. [Read More]
Trump made separate appeals to the director of national intelligence, Daniel Coats, and to Adm. Michael Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, urging... [Read More]
At issue are waivers granted to lobbyists working for the administration. [Read More]
Food stamps could be on the chopping block in President Donald Trump's new budget plan. [Read More]
Administration officials always try to spin the president's words and deeds to put them in a favorable light, but this is ridiculous:H.R. McMaster on @POTUS... [Read More]
President Donald Trump solemnly placed a note in the ancient stones of Jerusalem's Western Wall on Monday, sending a signal of... [Read More]