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Years ago, my friend Alma — a beautiful soul who lives to make others smile — volunteered delivering food to homebound senior citizens through Meals... [Read More]
One of the potential cuts in President Trump's budget is aimed at the Community Development Block Grant program. [Read More]
There is a lot to dislike about President Donald Trump's budget proposal, no matter where you... [Read More]
A study of the biochemical ecology of hot springs might seem like the kind of seemingly useless research that will be eliminated if President Donald... [Read More]
We've all heard about the cuts proposed in President Trump's budget that include elimination of funding for public broadcasting. [Read More]
The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs has a warning on the devastating impact President Donald Trump's budget may have on critical state programs. [Read More]
When Stan Steigerwalt walked into Stella Witkowski's Allentown home on Friday to deliver her meals, she proclaimed "my hero." Witkows... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's budget plan, released last week, reduces the budget for the federal Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent. [Read More]
Each Sunday we ask you a question about an issue important to Wyoming, then print what you think the following Sunday. [Read More]
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is responsible for nutrition programs in and out of schools. According to President Trump's budget proposal, the programs would be... [Read More]
Neil Gorsuch will have the support of all 52 Senate Republicans for confirmation to the Supreme Court. He also could win the votes of a... [Read More]
Trump's budget cuts to the Department of Labor would devastate worker safety, job training programs and legal services essential to low-income workers. [Read More]
When President Donald Trump released his budget blueprint this month, the prospect of privatizing the country's air traffic control system... [Read More]
The president proposes deep cuts in funding for many local programs, and would eliminate the Community Development Block Grant. [Read More]
Officials at NASA were delighted that U.S. President Donald Trump's budget proposal allocates $19.1 billion for the agency, down only 0.8 per cent from last... [Read More]
Follow Your Money... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama's top climate official has told a group of Vermont environmentalists to keep their voices raised and combat hard-line opposition to environmental... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's proposed budget has ramifications for San Diego, positive and negative. And somewhere between 30 million and 240 million of gallons of untreated... [Read More]
President Donald Trump wants to boost the military's budget by billions of dollars. But given the chance, the public — even his fellow Republicans —... [Read More]