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Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders says the solution to the country's health care crisis is to make Medicare available to all, a proposal he plans... [Read More]
From immigration to innovation, from Obamacare to Medicare, from President Trump's budget to the president himself, U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello R-6th Dist., fielded and answered... [Read More]
David Lukens, CEO of Grace Harbor Farms, west of Lynden, talks about the USDA grant that helped his small dairy thrive and hire 4 more... [Read More]
The Congressional Budget Office is under fire.The nonpartisan agency, which is responsible for producing impartial analysis for use by Congress, was the subject of a... [Read More]
Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security under President Obama, says President Trump's budget cuts are making protection of the president and his family more difficult... [Read More]
The head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday is set to visit the site of a massive mine waste spill that the agency... [Read More]
Trump's budget says the entire Economic Development Administration should be scrapped, saving $220 million next year. [Read More]
Astrid Riecken/Getty Images The Trump administration is approaching cohesion on one of the biggest issues facing the US economy over the next two months. ... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's budget chief said on Thursday that the White House supports a "clean" debt ceiling increase, putting to rest for now concerns the... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's budget director Mick Mulvaney said he and the rest of the Trump administration support a "clean" increase in the debt ceiling, not... [Read More]
In his new position, Chester Spellman may be in for a bumpy ride since AmeriCorps has been targeted by President Donald Trump's budget pen. [Read More]
Minnesota farmers don't care much for Trump's budget cuts. Trey Mewes is covering FarmFest for the Mankato Free Press, specifically yesterday's discussion on the 2018... [Read More]
Barring a miracle, there is no way that Trump is going to pass a budget with meaningful tax cuts in it. Though it's always good... [Read More]
An Environmental Protection Agency employee who says she is quitting on principle over President Donald Trump's budget is eligible for retirement. [Read More]
Is it political vengeance or merely a Republican President trying to make budget cuts on everything that's not military? [Read More]
Trump's budget proposal suggests Arctic National Wildlife Refuge could be opened for oil drilling.        ... [Read More]
The chief executive for PBS is sounding the alarm about public broadcasting's future if federal funding is axed as called for by President Donald Trump. [Read More]
The state health department has received $495,000 from the EPA to fund the program until Aug. 1, spokeswoman Mara Gambineri said in an email.      ... [Read More]
The budget cuts totaled more than $200 million. [Read More]
The Trump administration slashed funds by more than $200 million. [Read More]