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Trump's budget is a dishonest plan that won't cut spending but will produce more deficits... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's budget proposal calls for a more than $9 billion cut to education funding. [Read More]
Connecticut's Democratic senators are denouncing President Donald Trump's proposed cuts to financial-aid programs for college students, saying the reductions would weigh heavily on young people... [Read More]
REUTERS/Brian Snyder Today, the Trump administration published their full budget request for fiscal year 2018. The budget is basically par-for-the-course with recent Republican budgets— doubling... [Read More]
The Trump administration unveiled a budget for 2018 on Tuesday that seeks to overhaul many of the country's programs for struggling Americans. [Read More]
According to local non-profits over three hundred thousand people use programs like snap and meals on wheels every day in Muscogee County and surrounding areas. [Read More]
Trump won 95% of counties serviced by the Appalachian Regional Commission, which the White House now wants to eliminate... [Read More]
Trump's budget includes more than $600 billion in cuts to Medicaid. [Read More]
She said that everyone needs to stand up to Trump's policies... [Read More]
Although school choice was a clear winner in President Trump's proposed budget, many school choice advocates were hesitant in their support of the spending plan. [Read More]
Trump's health care plan and budget show the scandal hiding in plain sight. Donald Trump's budget, alongside the Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the revised... [Read More]
Who said Donald Trump is a political amateur? With his first overseas trip as President, it looks like the Donald put 6,000 miles between himself... [Read More]
Environmental Protection Agency workers in Boston Wednesday protested President Trump's proposed 31 percent cut to the agency's budget. [Read More]
According to the Montana Commission of Securities and Insurance nearly 193,000 Montanans are enrolled in Medicaid. President Donald Trump's budget proposals calls for an $800 billion cut... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's budget chief delivered a spirited defense of the plan's deep spending cuts, but his agriculture secretary offered only a half-hearted endorsement of proposed reductions to... [Read More]
Lawmakers have criticized the budget's impact on Medicaid, with the estimated funding cuts ranging from $600 billion to $1.4 trillion. [Read More]
President Trump's budget reaches far beyond what Congress will approve and defies what economics textbooks say should happen. However, if its essential provisions are preserved,... [Read More]
Even before the Congressional Budget Office reported that the House repeal of the Affordable Care Act would leave 23 million more Americans uninsured, U.S. Sen.... [Read More]
President Donald Trump wants Congress to cut spending by 3.6-trillion dollars over the next decade . As written in the presidents first budget proposal, the... [Read More]
Trump won 95% of counties serviced by the Appalachian Regional Commission... [Read More]