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North Dakota, Minnesota and other states could be without Amtrak service if a proposal in President Donald Trump's budget becomes reality. [Read More]
Hundreds of people met and rallied on Saturday to resist Trump's budget. [Read More]
Saturday's rally will also call on the all-Democratic Massachusetts Congressional delegation to oppose Trump's budget proposal. [Read More]
Trump's budget calls for privatizing the FAA's air traffic control system. We compare it to Canada's system. [Read More]
A South Carolina congressional race to replace President Trump's Budget director is highlighting Republican divides, especially over health care. [Read More]
A $1.2 billion block grant aimed at boosting student achievement in the poorest communities in America could be on the chopping block if President Trump's... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's budget proposal would eliminate federal funding for Amtrak's long-distance services, including the City of New Orleans trains that make daily stops in... [Read More]
As the nation has had time to digest the provisions included in President Donald Trump's budget proposal, area service provide... [Read More]
Nearly a month after President Donald Trump unveiled his budget proposal, some organizations in the Quad Cities are coming up with alternate plans. The budget... [Read More]
The testing program that ensures people don't swim in dirty water is on the chopping block under President Trump's budget        ... [Read More]
The White House aims to eliminate grants that Colorado Springs uses to help... [Read More]
President Trump has proposed deep cuts to environmental programs. His budget zeroes out the South Florida Geographic Initiative which measures the level of damaging nutrients... [Read More]
"I'd be being dishonest with you if I said that I could." [Read More]
Somebody is getting just a little ahead of himself in his shiny new White House job. We last saw popular vote loser Donald Trump's budget... [Read More]
Note here: Trump's budget chief says Medicare Phaseout is still on the agenda. He's working on convincing Trump. And big Social Security cuts too. [Read More]
The head of President Donald Trump's budget office said that people shouldn't be so concerned about the deadline for Congress to fund the federal government.... [Read More]
Popular vote loser Donald Trump's budget director, former House Freedom Caucus maniac Mick Mulvaney, sat down with CNBC's John Harwood to tell some lies and... [Read More]
If we're going to kill this corporate-welfare program, we can't count on the White House to help. [Read More]
Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Wednesday that President Trump is using his business experience to cut the fat on Capitol Hill,... [Read More]
New budget cuts will only increase America's already widening wealth gap. [Read More]