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Trump foundation's legal woes may help clean up the whole charitable - giving industry and the nation may discover cheaper and more effective ways to... [Read More]
When New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood recently sued the Donald J. Trump Foundation and four Trump family members who serve on its board of directors,... [Read More]
When New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood recently sued the Donald J. Trump Foundation and four Trump family members who serve on its board... [Read More]
Top expert in nonprofit law puts worst case scenario in Trump Foundation campaign coordination at a less than $600,000 penalty for Trump, return of nearly... [Read More]
Senate Finance Committee ranking member Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) is calling for the committee to conduct a bipartisan investigation that includes the Donald J. Trump Foundation,... [Read More]
Nonprofit 101 is that a conventional charity cannot give money to a political campaign. But it's possible the Donald J. Trump Foundation may have broken this... [Read More]
Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of Donald Trump's shady and opaque "Trump Foundation" charity and reports on a new lawsuit from the attorney general of New... [Read More]
Conservative attorney George Conway, husband of Trump presidential counselor and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, has long sniped at his wife's boss. Now he is suggesting that... [Read More]
New York's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against President Trump and his charitable foundation, accusing them of using money illegally to help his businesses... [Read More]
Last Thursday, the attorney general of New York sued the Trump Foundation, alleging that the organization affiliated with the President of the United States and... [Read More]
Alex Wong/Getty Images New legal headaches could be on the horizon for President Donald Trump after the New York attorney general sued him,... [Read More]
It's long been clear that Donald Trump's family foundation, the Trump Foundation, is not a generous and ethical charity, but just another of his grifts.... [Read More]
The New York attorney general's allegations regarding misuse of charitable contributions by the Trump Foundation are astounding ["Lawsuit accuses Trump, kin of misusing charity," front... [Read More]
New York's attorney general filed suit against Donald Trump's charitable foundation Thursday, accusing the president and three of his children of using the nonprofit for... [Read More]
The idea that money put into a charitable foundation takes on an almost sacred character is the basis for the NY AG's attack on the... [Read More]
If there was any doubt that state Attorney General Barbara Underwood would continue her predecessor's aggressive posture toward President Trump, it was dispelled when she... [Read More]
If Donald Trump were some no-name, he would simply be viewed as a con man--never to be trusted, writes former NY state assistant attorney... [Read More]
Jenny Johnson Ware, criminal tax attorney and partner at Johnson Moore, talks with Rachel Maddow about why the criminal referral against the Trump Foundation puts... [Read More]