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Federal judge will hear arguments to decide whether harsh anti-sanctuary cities law will take effect in September. The Trump White House is watching... [Read More]
The Republicans turning the Senate into the House, where the majority rules, are undoing the power of their own institution. [Read More]
Instead of a dinner, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania released a statement on Saturday wishing "warm greetings" to those celebrating Eid al-Fitr, an... [Read More]
"Libs scream loudly and endlessly about separation of church and state, but not a whisper about various presidents effectively celebrating ramadan.Th... [Read More]
For the first time in almost two decades, the White House did not host a dinner to commemorate Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. [Read More]
Secretary of State Tillerson did not hold one either... [Read More]
In one of the most bizarre press releases from the Trump White House, the administration sent a memo to reporters instructing them they wouldn't be... [Read More]
The Trump White House and congressional Republicans are not going to let budget laws, precedents, past rulings, officials, basic mathematics, the laws of economics or... [Read More]
Mortgage rates edged higher this week while continuing to stay below their recent highs. If you're wondering why this gift of softer rates has fallen... [Read More]
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What is the point of Sean Spicer's briefings? ... [Read More]
By foregoing the annual dinner, the Trump White House broke with a tradition upheld by the past three administrations. [Read More]
Marlee Matlin, the Oscar-winning actress who is deaf, is worried. She thinks the Trump White House and GOP-led Congress want budget cuts, particularly in Medicaid,... [Read More]
The Trump administration has been trying to get another US hostage home: Austin Tice . The New York Times reports... [Read More]
Despite warnings, the Trump administration has done little, according to intelligence officials, experts and state election officials. [Read More]
Anderson Cooper opened tonight's AC360 by covering the big Washington Post report on Russian interference in the election, and remarking that none of this seems... [Read More]
Business Insider The Golden State Warriors may go to the White House after all if the players listen to their head coach, Steve Kerr. ... [Read More]
The New York Daily News has provided a lot of space to reporting on whether or not the NBA champion Golden State Warriors will, or... [Read More]
I suppose that the time had to come that I would actually agree with something that came out of the Trump White House. After all,... [Read More]
The president of the group representing the White House press corps said Friday that journalists are "not satisfied" with a move by the Trump White... [Read More]