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The turning point was a text from AccuWeather about a tsunami warning for Portland, Maine. [Read More]
Category: InformationBulletin Issue Time: 2018.02.23 03:34:37 UTC Preliminary Magnitude: 5.0(Ml)Lat/Lon: 55.548 / -158.855Affected Region: 55 miles SW of Chignik, AlaskaNote: * There is NO tsunami... [Read More]
Category: InformationBulletin Issue Time: 2018.02.22 21:40:36 UTC Preliminary Magnitude: 4.7(Ml)Lat/Lon: 56.072 / -149.285Affected Region: 170 miles SE of Kodiak City, AlaskaNote: * There is NO... [Read More]
A LAYER of slime on the ocean floor could cause massive landslides beneath the surface which have the potential to trigger massive 65ft tall mega-tsunamis,... [Read More]
Quake latest... [Read More]