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Fall TV is underway. Previewing some of this week's new network series premieres: Manifest. Ever since "Lost" landed (or didn't, actually), networks have been enamored... [Read More]
Shortly after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a forceful defense of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on the Senate floor, top Judiciary Committee... [Read More]
A FISHERMAN has revealed a number of mysterious sea monsters that became hooked in his nets. [Read More]
Earlier this year the "Get Out" creator announced he would produce the series, but he has recently signed on to narrate and host as well. [Read More]
Dave Peacock has paid tribute to Chas Hodges after the singer passed away on Saturday age 74. 'We were together 50 years. I am going... [Read More]
Chas had recently beaten cancer but died in his sleep from organ failure leaving his bandmate 'feeliing like I am in the twilight zone'... [Read More]
As a latchkey kid, I was raised, in part, by the 20" RCA console TV that sat on the floor of our living room. I... [Read More]
Rod Serling's 60-year-old show holds 5 important lessons for us. [Read More]
The new Twilight Zone is set to premiere next year. [Read More]
Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele will host 'The Twilight Zone' on CBS All Access. [Read More]
He's off to a dimension as... [Read More]
News 4 at Noon... [Read More]
Jordan Peele's Reboot of 'Twilight Zone' to Premiere in 2019 The 'Get Out' director's upcoming show will officially premiere on CBS All Access next year.... [Read More]
Meet Benjamin Kololli, a 26-year-old soccer player currently plying his trade in Switzerland. Kololli was in Cyprus yesterday, with his squad FC Zürich playing a... [Read More]
"Get Out" director and writer Jordan Peele is stepping into "The Twilight Zone" — as host, tha... [Read More]
Jordan Peele signs with CBS to produce and narrate a reboot to Rod Serling's 'The Twilight Zone" [Read More]
CBS announces Jordan Peele to host The Twilight Zone reboot for its video on-demand service next year. [Read More]
Get Out director Jordan Peele will host and narrate his new Twilight Zone revival. [Read More]
Jordan Peele is everywhere these days... [Read More]