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Article: Children of Stones - The simple fact is that there is no choice between a Two State and a One State solution, because One... [Read More]
I was in Israel when President Donald Trump made his announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Initially, I thought that... [Read More]
For many years, Israel has worked assiduously to eliminate the possibility of a Palestinian state by expanding settlements and settler-only roads, and by making life... [Read More]
Avi Gabbay has previously said 'united' Jerusalem more important than peace deal, settlements need not be evacuated... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and it absolutely, undeniably is and has been for 70 years. In fact, an... [Read More]
European Council head Donald Tusk says EU's position on Jerusalem remains unchanged... [Read More]
Bloc head Donald Tusk says leaders remain committed to two-state solution and will not be following DC's lead, as Netanyahu had claimed they would... [Read More]
Article: Trump's Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israel's Capital And The Prospect Of A Two-State Solution - Even though President Abbas criticized Trump for his declaration,... [Read More]
A European Union leader says leaders of the 28-nation bloc have reiterated their "firm commitment" to a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians, in... [Read More]
European Union leaders on Thursday rejected US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, saying they stuck by their view that the... [Read More]
I was in Israel when President Trump made his announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. [Read More]
Expert Post... [Read More]
Federica Mogherini (AFP/Patsy Lynch)Indonesia and the European Union are vowing to work together to ensure that the two-state solution is "the only realistic solution" for... [Read More]
Muslim leaders slam Trump, US over embassy move ... [Read More]
They also urged the international community to recognise Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, and to press on with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to... [Read More]
President Trump may have handed Israel a symbolic victory with his recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, but every day in East Jerusalem, Palestinians... [Read More]
The morning after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's first official meeting with President Donald Trump, multiple headlines proclaimed Feb. 16 that the two-state solution was... [Read More]
'Trump still committed to a two-state solution,' says Saudi foreign minister Jubeir... [Read More]
Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, has declared a third Intifada against Israel. Professor Meir Litvak, an Israeli specialist on Hamas and director of the Alliance... [Read More]
President Abdul Hamid on Wednesday said that the latest US announcement recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital will jeopardise efforts towards finding a durable solution... [Read More]