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"Did you mark yourself as 'Safe' on Facebook after the typhoon?" [Read More]
Sunday marks the five-year anniversary of when Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey and New York. This Sunday night into Monday morning, some forecast models show,... [Read More]
Typhoon Lan has caused upward of $61.5 million in damage to the farming and fishing industries, according to the Japanese government. [Read More]
This is one amusement park ride that would definitely make you sick! [Read More]
Tropical Storm Saola will strengthen and bring a renewed threat for flooding and damaging winds to Japan later this week. [Read More]
The Japan Transport Safety Board on Wednesday opened a probe into an Osaka train's emergency stop as it crossed a nearly century-old bridge over a... [Read More]
It's an atmospheric corporate merger with maximum synergy. [Read More]
Debris flowed down the Tama River in the Kawaski area of the Tokyo, Japan, as Typhoon Lan moved over the area on October 23. At... [Read More]
The remnants of Typhoon Lan are moving through the Bering Sea. The same storm is expected to push snow, rain and warmer temperatures into Southcentral... [Read More]
Does a storm a half a world away impact our weather here in Rochester?... [Read More]
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The Tokyo Fire Department rescued nine people from a flooded river in Tokyo. The stranded people ranged in age from their 40's to 70's. The... [Read More]
At least six people were killed as Typhoon Lan pounded eastern Japan from Sunday into Monday. [Read More]
From monster to menace, Typhoon Lan was a memorable storm. [Read More]
Typhoon Lan made landfall in Japan, just southwest of Tokyo Sunday night. Killing at least 4 people, and forcing thousands to evacuate. [Read More]
A rapidly weakening typhoon Lan made landfall in Japan on Monday, setting off landslides and flooding that prompted evacuation orders for tens of thousands of... [Read More]
Debris flowed down the Tama River in the Kawaski area of the Tokyo, Japan, as Typhoon Lan moved over the area on October 23. Credit:... [Read More]
Tens of thousands of people have also been forced to evacuate after the intense Category 4 storm made landfall southwest of Tokyo. [Read More]
At least two people died as mammoth Typhoon Lan struck Japan early Monday, bringing widespread flooding and setting off mudslides before heading out to sea. [Read More]
Weakening typhoon sets off landslides and flooding but leaving Tokyo largely unscathed. [Read More]