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When faced with deciding between the First Amendment and same-sex rights, a majority of the United States Supreme Court Justices chose neither. [Read More]
Ciaran Clark was knocked unconscious in a row on a dance floor. [Read More]
The current US fleet of Nimitz-class carriers will be followed into service (and in some cases replaced) by the Gerald R. Ford class. more info... [Read More]
Trade tensions and a stronger dollar sent jitters through emerging markets on Thursday with currencies plumbing multi-month lows and stocks resuming their recent falls. China's... [Read More]
In 1922, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that effectively granted Major League Baseball a legal monopoly over professional baseball in the United States... [Read More]
The escalating trade war between the United States and China poses crucial, though unanswerable, questions:Is this the beginning of the end of the post-World War... [Read More]
President Trump is repealing a controversial executive order drafted by former President Obama that was meant to protect the Great Lakes and the oceans bordering... [Read More]
The president, vice president and homeland security secretary have said the surge of migrants illegally entering the United States has reached emergency levels. Here's some... [Read More]
The United States hasn't looked for remains in North Korea since 2005, but following President Trump's June 12 meeting with Kim Jong-un, local families wonder... [Read More]
Jorge Dan Lopez/Reuters One factor causing migrants to risk everything—even potentially losing their children—to travel through the heat of summer in the dangerous desert and... [Read More]
Iran has announced a list of 15 demands for improving relations with the United States, including a U.S. return to the 2015 nuclear accord, in... [Read More]
Several high-profile data and technology companies have been profiting off of contracts with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for the last several... [Read More]
A report published this month found civilians in the United States own almost 400 million guns, outpacing every other civilian population, police, or military force... [Read More]
According to American Automobile Association (AAA), a record 46.9 million are expected to travel from United States this Independence Day holiday, making it the highest number... [Read More]
President Barack Obama separated parents from their children at the border. Obama prosecuted mothers for coming to the United States illegally. He fast tracked deportations.... [Read More]
German luxury carmaker Daimler cut its 2018 profit forecast, blaming a trade war between China and the United States and stricter pollution targets, sparking... [Read More]
The United Nations Refugee Agency is setting up aid projects nationwide aimed at alleviating the suffering of displaced people. [Read More]
Turkey just became the latest country to hit back at the United States for its tariffs on steel and aluminum. The country's Ministry of Economy... [Read More]
Concerns persist about the emotional trauma inflicted on immigrant children even after President Trump's order to halt the separation minors from families that are detained... [Read More]

A sophisticated hacking campaign launched from computers in China burrowed deeply into satellite operators, defense contractors and telecommunications companies in the United States and southeast... [Read More]