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Trump and his close associates have turned their backs on ethical norms and the anti-corruption protections written into the US Constitution. [Read More]
A US federal appeals court on Thursday dealt a fresh setback to President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban, upholding a lower court's decision to block... [Read More]
Constitutional scholars from across the country recently gathered at Stanford to discuss potential overhauls to the U.S. Constitution. Participants in... [Read More]
 The Community is invited to attend the Reading of the US Constitution in front of the Courthouse on East 9th Street.The Honorable Judge John Atkins... [Read More]
Eighth-grade social studies students at an Indiana school recently learned about how government works with the help of a simulation-based program, the Civic Mirror project.... [Read More]
President Donald Trump is failing to comply with the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution because he has not provided documents relating to the Trump... [Read More]
After US President Trump's former adviser Michael Flynn invoked his Fifth Amendment right under the US Constitution not to provide data to Senate Intelligence Committee... [Read More]
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster On May 22, former national-security adviser Michael Flynn had chosen to plead the Fifth Amendment in response to a subpoena... [Read More]
In a rare bit of good news for privacy activists in the United States, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that a legal challenge... [Read More]
Under-fire Michael Flynn rejects Trump-Russia probe subpoena ... [Read More]
The US Supreme Court on Monday ruled that Republicans in North Carolina unlawfully took race into consideration when drawing congressional district boundaries, concentrating black voters... [Read More]
Impeach Trump: US Congressmen allege 'obstruction of justice' ... [Read More]
As Washington becomes increasingly engulfed by the spiralling crises in Donald Trump's presidency and it is compared to the dark days of Watergate, even Republican... [Read More]
Read more about How Donald Trump could be removed from office under the US Constitution on Business Standard. Trump's presidency has become increasingly engulfed by... [Read More]
There are evident risks to opening the door to using the 25th Amendment to remove presidents on the basis of general concerns about unfitness or... [Read More]
NSA whistleblower William Binney claims that Robert Mueller violated the US Constitution as FBI Director by using secret domestic spy programs. [Read More]
[jwplayer mediaid="369843"]A resolution calling for an Article V Convention of States to propose amendments to the US Constitution is now before Maine lawmakers.12 states have... [Read More]
"This from a man who said to hell with the US Constitution and captured megadata on ALLLLLL Americans then lyed about it UNDER OATH!! What... [Read More]
Slowly, but surely, our freedoms are being eroded with the current White House squatters trampling all over the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights with one executive order after the... [Read More]
The White House is filled with Trump relatives, and now green cards are for sale to the highest bidder. "Justice" is just another archaic principle,... [Read More]