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Dr. William F. Brinkman, Director, Office of Science, US Department of Energy, presents a plenary keynote speech at the 2011 IEEE Innovation Day. He focuses... [Read More]
by Sydney Brownstone ... [Read More]
Things are about to get even worse for Equifax, and rightfully so. According to reports from Bloomberg, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has opened... [Read More]
By 2050, the United Nations predicts there will be 6.5 billion people living in urban areas — approximately double the current population of city-dwellers. ... [Read More]
According to the Washington Post on Monday, the head of the US Department of Interior has urged President Donald Trump to lift restrictions on activities,... [Read More]
A leaked memo from the US Department of Interior, obtained by at least two news outlets Sunday, also recommends opening up ocean preserves off Massachusetts... [Read More]
US Department of Defense John Brennan, the former director of the CIA, told Business Insider that participating in planning the raid that killed... [Read More]
Three women, all former employees, filed a class action suit against Google on Sept. 14, alleging that women are paid less than men at the... [Read More]
US Department of Transportation finds 16 probable violations at plants in Milwaukee, issuing a fine of $31,880. [Read More]
AP On June 7, President Trump rallied in Ohio for his $1 trillion infrastructure plan, a key campaign promise that's now part of his domestic... [Read More]
If you don't work well with others, you might be better off working a job that doesn't require people skills. To find these jobs,... [Read More]
The US department of homeland security has issued certain visa bans on three African nations that failed to accept deported nationals. From Sept. 13, embassies…... [Read More]
Good morning! Here's the technology news you need to know this Friday. 1. Google parent company Alphabet is reportedly considering investing $1 billion (£743... [Read More]
Last year, I wrote an article about the 1948 animated short, "Make Mine Freedom," and how it's pro-capitalism/anti-communist message was a great example of promoting... [Read More]
The Peoria US Department of Agriculture Research Lab will stay open. The labs funding was initially part of a proposed cut for fiscal year 2018.... [Read More]
The US Department of Homeland Security ordered US federal departments and agencies to stop using Kaspersky Lab software products over the company's alleged link to... [Read More]
The suit follows an investigation by the US Department of Labor, as well as the infamous "Google memo" on gender diversity. [Read More]
Though US president Donald Trump has promised many times that he will bring back coal, he really can't do much to fight the forces of... [Read More]
Michigan State University will lead a $10 million US Department of Energy grant to explore ways to boost this promising biofuel crop's yield. [Read More]