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Cep telefonu uygulamasıyla taksi hizmeti veren Uber, ABD'deki müşterilerine şöförün konuşmadığı "sessiz modda" yolculuklar önermeye başladı. Ancak bu özelliği sadece Uber Black ve Uber Black... [Read More]
A handful of new features have rolled out for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV in the U.S., allowing riders to not only customize the... [Read More]
Uber is now letting passengers choose whether they want to put their headphones in and ride in silence or chat with their driver with the... [Read More]
Uber unveiled new features for Uber Black riders, including the option for passengers to tell drivers they don't want to talk. And more women are... [Read More]
Hailing a ride from a TNC app is usually easy. What's harder is managing what happens between the time the car pulls up to the... [Read More]
A new feature offered on the Uber app has some people talking... or not. Uber Black and Uber Black SUV riders can now request a... [Read More]
Uber announced Wednesday that users of its premium 'Uber Black' service will now be able to push a button to keep their driver quiet. [Read More]
Users will have to pay a little extra to take advantage of the new tool, called 'Quiet Mode,' is only available for Uber Black... [Read More]
Uber's ([[UBER]] +2.4%) higher-priced Black and Black SUV rides get some new features to help justify the premium price. Quiet Mode lets a passenger push... [Read More]
Customers can tell drivers to STFU in 'Uber Black' and 'Uber Black SUV' services, starting today. [Read More]
The option lets passengers notify the driver that they don't want to talk during their ride. [Read More]
It's only available in the company's premium Uber Black service. [Read More]
UBER has decided to help out anyone who hates small talk by providing a new "Quiet Mode" feature for its app. The new feature is... [Read More]
Uber announced a new Quiet Drive option in which Uber Drive customers can request that their driver not speak during the journey. [Read More]
Our founder has partnered with Uber to promote the relaunch of Uber Black, a luxurious, personalized experience for riders. [Read More]
If you want to catch a nap on your next ride, this Uber Black feature is for you. [Read More]
Quiet Mode comes as part of a new slate of Rider Preferences features that riders can use before hailing an Uber Black or SUV.      ... [Read More]
Uber has announced a new feature that will allow some riders to properly express their disgust for their filthy, lower class drivers—all with the simple... [Read More]
If you use Uber, but really don't want to have a conversation with your driver during the journey, Uber Black now lets you request a... [Read More]
The company says Uber Black riders can now choose a quiet mode, which will let the driver know you're not wanting to chat. Uber Black is... [Read More]