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Presenting her Brexit withdrawal plan to her Cabinet on Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May will demand universal support or immediate resignation. That is a... [Read More]
If you ask someone who invented the computer they might say Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. They would, of course, be wrong. Perhaps they might... [Read More]
When it comes to Sonos, there are two universal truths that most people accept. First, Sonos is the best in the business when it comes... [Read More]
Eliminates hassle for consumers having to link individual retail apps and accounts for ordering food, paying for fuel and parking and booking rooms in-vehicle, in-app... [Read More]
When telling the truth is a revolutionary act, journalists and whistleblowers are targets. When politicians attack freedom of speech, media becomes - Heather Wokusch for... [Read More]
IF you're out of work, you may be able to claim Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) while you look for a new job. We take a look... [Read More]
In a note, RBC analyst Frank Morgan says yesterday's 14% drop in Acadia Healthcare (ACHC) may have been due to competitor commentary that Universal Health... [Read More]
Nicole Feld, Feld Entertainment executive VP, and Kenneth Feld, Feld Entertainment CEO, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss Feld Entertainment's new partnership with NBC Universal's to... [Read More]
Christian Hindu friendship for universal spirituality.. - Christian Hindu friendship for universal spiritualityIf a Christian loves another Christian as his brother, there is no greatness... [Read More]
Hulu is developing multiple shows based on the "Wild Cards" book series, which is edited by "Game of Thrones" scribe George R.R. Martin. Variety has... [Read More]
Los Angeles First-time candidate Josh Harder defeated four-term Republican U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham following an updated vote count Tuesday, giving Democrats their fourth pickup of... [Read More]
Pro-wrestling title belts change hands (or waists) like grapplers change trunks these days, though it wasn't always that way. With "Survivor Series" just around the... [Read More]
"Bryant Walker Smith, a law professor at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, is sceptical that the Moral Machine survey will have any practical... [Read More]
It's about something bigger than just her revenge. Have an intriguing look inside a world we have never seen. Universal has released a new... [Read More]
It has this kind of gothic element... Universal has launched another final Look Inside featurette for J.A. Bayona's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,... [Read More]
Many Democrats in the midterm elections campaigned on a plan for a single-payer health-care system they call "Medicare for All," which has been endorsed by... [Read More]
Hulu is in early development on a pair of TV shows based on "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin's "Wild Cards" book series. ... [Read More]
In the ancient, forgotten year of 2016, we reported that occasional book-writer George R.R. Martin had declared that the Wild Cards book series he edits... [Read More]
George R.R. Martin's popular Wild Cards book series is getting closer to the small screen. The project, from Universal Cable Prods., has been set up... [Read More]