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In our news wrap Tuesday, the death toll from a devastating mudslide in Sierra Leone has surged to more than 300. The Red Cross estimates... [Read More]
During his first stop on a tour of Latin America, Vice President Mike Pence told an audience in Colombia that Washington was "absolutely determined to... [Read More]
Los magistrados del Tribunal Supremo de Justicia de Venezuela fueron ratificados en sus cargos el martes tras subordinarse ante la Asamblea Constituyente y presentaron una... [Read More]
Vice president expresses confidence in a "peaceable solution to the crisis facing Venezuelan people" during press conference with Argentina's president... [Read More]
"How can you govern when 75 percent of the country is against you," Henrique Capriles, de facto leader of the Venezuelan opposition, asked recently. He... [Read More]
VENEZUELA-POLITICS/COURT:Venezuela's Constituent Assembly orders civilian trials for detained protesters... [Read More]
the country's all-important export.Since then, the ... [Read More]
Pence sought to soothe U.S. allies across the hemisphere who reacted with alarm to President Trump's threat late last week that the United States was... [Read More]
Like a blind, inexperienced and unqualified captain attempting to steer an ocean liner, our nation's captain is witnessing leaders of his own party gradually distancing... [Read More]
Esther Montilla, vocera del grupo, explicó en un encuentro con diputados que sólo desde el año pasado ingresaron al país unos 30.000 venezolanos con permiso... [Read More]
Patricia Poleo was watching Venezuelan state TV from her Broward home when she was named one of 23 exiles the Maduro regime wants arrested. ... [Read More]
Vice President Mike Pence is praising Argentina as a model for the region, in contrast to the downward spiral of Venezuela. [Read More]
Until recently, the only policy I thought President Trump got right was toward Venezuela. But now he's wrong.Venezuela's economy is in free fall and Venezuelans... [Read More]
Trump made a threat that wasn't serious, but Maduro is using that threat to consolidate his own power. [Read More]
Vice President Mike Pence is spending the week in South America, discussing trade and the crisis in Venezuela with U.S. allies, but he's also doing... [Read More]
'Military intervention shouldn't even be considered'... [Read More]
A Canadian mining company trying to collect on a $1.4 billion judgment against Venezuela is trying to seize shares of U.S.-based refiner Citgo Holdings Inc.... [Read More]
A handful of Venezuelan soldiers — armed and in uniform — were caught in neighboring Guyana last week begging for food, local police reported, another... [Read More]
Venezuela once was one of Latin America's most prosperous countries. The country sat on the world's largest oil reserves, according... [Read More]
Las noticias más recientes sobre la gira del vicepresidente estadounidense Mike Pence por Latinoamérica. Todas las horas son locales:... [Read More]