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Triple digit inflation and a decaying socialist economic model have left medications from anti-inflammatory drugs to chemotherapy out of reach for most Venezuelans... [Read More]
Venezuela's President Maduro seeks UN's help to increase medicines supply ... [Read More]
Venezuelans found themselves stranded this week as the nation's gasoline supply ran out at stations throughout the nation's urban centers. [Read More]
President Nicolas Maduro said Friday he had asked the United Nations to help address severe shortages of medicine in Venezuela, a rare acknowledgement of the... [Read More]
President Nicolás Maduro's government has to restore fundamental rights and freedoms to Venezuelans.... [Read More]
President Nicolás Maduro's government has to restore fundamental rights and freedoms to Venezuelans. [Read More]
Battered by an economic crisis, Venezuelans are used to waiting in long lines for scarce goods, but many found themselves queuing Thursday for something the... [Read More]
Unofficial reports count at least 29 yuca-related deaths since October, including a 2-year-old girl last week. [Read More]
Venezuelans have taken to the streets to protest against medicine shortages. A fourth year of economic recession has led to a short supply of both... [Read More]
Their clothes torn and dirty, nine barefoot children yell and applaud as a convoy of cars approaches on a busy street in Venezuela's capital. [Read More]
An increasing number of Venezuelans is stepping outside the law and trying their luck in the treacherous world of illegal mining. [Read More]
Food shortages in Venezuela have led to a spike in the consumption of yucca, but some Venezuelans are mistakenly eating a toxic bitter version of... [Read More]
Miguel Cabrera 'was here; he just got treatment for his back,' Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said. [Read More]
"No matter the form of government, the leaders will survive first while the population struggles and even fails. Here in the USA we hear talk... [Read More]
"It was a bone chilling experience, one that I am not eager to do over." [Read More]
Venezuela's food shortages, rampant crime and hyperinflation are taking their toll. According to the 2017 World Happiness Report released Monday, Venezuelans are getting grumpier faster... [Read More]
After living through shortages of water, electricity, medicine, banknotes and beer, Venezuelans are now struggling to find one of the most basic foodstuffs of all,... [Read More]
A deepening economic crisis in Venezuela is forcing its citizens into poverty at an alarming rate. [Read More]
Price of food is skyrocketing in Venezuela and the government is refusing international aid. Starving Venezuelans are scavenging for food in the streets. CNN's Michael... [Read More]
Drew Smyly pitches 4 2/3 innings, allows only three hits and strikes out eight Venezuelans in his start for Team USA... [Read More]