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India News: NEW DELHI: A viral video, showing Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh telling local party leaders that he won't campaign because the party "loses votes... [Read More]
A Publix employee in Jacksonville, Florida, took to Facebook after a kind gesture by a grieving mom. [Read More]
The clip filmed by Adesh Bhagat, a Diva activist, shows the police rescue team ferrying the body of Turbhe's Naushad Khan in the crowded coach. [Read More]
After posting a brash dating ad online, Marsha Day is thrown into the limelight when Perez Hilton shares the video with his legion of followers.... [Read More]
The new mascot for the Philadephia Flyers hockey team went viral for all the wrong reasons. Somehow, someone approved Gritty as their new mascot on... [Read More]
A viral video landed the Wilson Central High School dance team a spot on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," which is scheduled to air Wednesday at... [Read More]
And also why you should never wake up early. [Read More]
Hillary Thornton appeared on TV to tell her side of a story that has drawn national attention amid allegations that her motives were racist. [Read More]
One year, $3,000 and 60 inflatable dinosaurs later. [Read More]
The Cobb County Police chief is defending his officer's action after a video of a 12-year-old boy being arrested goes viral. [Read More]
Jake Guthrie's typical trip to iHop turned into a Twitter sensation when he starting playing with his food. [Read More]
A white woman has been fired after video emerged of her confronting and blocking the entry of a black neighbor at a St. Louis apartment... [Read More]
A viral video showing a white police officer arresting a 12-year-old black boy at an Atlanta mall has drawn outrage online from some who say... [Read More]
A white woman called police after a confrontation with a black man trying to enter his own condo building. [Read More]
Because of a viral video showing a 35-ton bus go over the bridge with a 10-ton limit, the crossing is closed for maintenance. [Read More]
Gainesville Police Officer Ben Tobias had a knack for going viral as the agency's spokesman. [Read More]
It's a local story now getting national headlines - a white woman at the Elder Shirt Lofts not letting a black man inside the building... [Read More]
A 12-year-old rising rap star was detained at the Cumberland Mall by Cobb County Police, and the family is seeking answers.        ... [Read More]