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"Alterscape" takes us back to the nostalgic decade of original content with its gradual pace and practical visual effects. Michael Ironside ("Scanners", "Total... [Read More]
While many live-action features include an increasing amount of CG animation, the movement has gone both ways, and animated features now also boast effects that... [Read More]
The look, movement and subtle signals from a human face are things we all know on a deep, even subconscious level. The face of someone... [Read More]
When the Academy Award nominations came out, it was a tech and craft sweep for helmer Denis Villeneuve's "Blade Runner 2049." The sequel to the... [Read More]
Off with their heads, literally. Everyone went crazy at Gucci's show at Milan fashion week. On a stage that consisted of a blue operating room... [Read More]
After making a big splash in the sci-fi space with the intelligent but chilling Ex Machina from indie upstart A24 a couple of years ago, writer-director Alex... [Read More]
The Visual Effects Society, which is looking to start a new section in New England, is holding a networking event at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 27... [Read More]
John Nelson recalls his first reaction when he was asked to be the visual effects supervisor for "Blade Runner 2049." "I told them, 'You've got... [Read More]
With VFX, the goal is for it to be so good that you can't even tell its VFX, and this was particularly true for Blade... [Read More]
It's difficult to imagine AMPAS not wanting to give Andy Serkis's swan song as Caesar a pat on the head for a job well done... [Read More]
This edition of The Morning Watch features a bunch of Easter eggs for Black Panther, there's a Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle visual effects breakdown... [Read More]
Mackevision strengthens Accenture Interactive's content practice by adding 3D visualization, animation and visual effects capabilities... [Read More]
The color of the year — ultra-violet, "a blue-based purple" — appears in gardens from spring through fall, in flowers of all kinds and even... [Read More]
With newly increased German funding for visual effects companies at both the federal and state level, Rise Pictures is looking to be a partner of... [Read More]
'Kong: Skull Island' visual effects supervisors Stephen Rosenbaum and Jeff White explain what it took to bring the biggest version of King Kong ever created... [Read More]
Oscar- and Emmy-winning visual effects designer Harley Jessup will be this year's commencement speaker at Oregon State University, the university announced on Friday. [Read More]
South Australia has entered the incentives fray. The Australian state's South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) just launched a new 10% rebate that covers all forms... [Read More]