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Young people are the supposed vanguards of a new economic age. Unlike their parents, young people are said to value happiness over money. They prefer... [Read More]
Many have questioned the coworking juggernaut's business model and valuation. Is renting office space the next big idea in the sharing economy? [Read More]
Small businesses and nonprofits pitched for investments and grants totaling $2.5 million through Quicken Loans Detroit Demo Day and WeWork's Creator Awards on Thursday night... [Read More]
Becca Keaty of Chicago talks about her program, Bunker Labs, that helps veterans get job training and connect with services after their time in the... [Read More]
50 business finalists vie for $2.5M as part of Detroit Demo Day, WeWork Creator Awards... [Read More]
LIVE at 5 p.m.: Quicken Loans Detroit Demo Day and WeWork's Creator Awards at Detroit Demo Day will take place at Downtown Detroit's Gem Theatre... [Read More]
WeWork has quietly gotten in the fitness business with WeWork Wellness. [Read More]
From old-school media conglomerates to more recently crowned tech giants, big business is branching out in NYC, and some major buildings in Midtown are sitting... [Read More]
Severely injured Cal rugby star Robert Paylor is making a slow recovery, BART is extra-crowded this week for a reason, and WeWork is moving in... [Read More]
WeWork, the office-space rental startup, has quietly started a new business related not to work, but to workouts. Since last year, the company has offered fitness classes... [Read More]
Adam and Rebekah Neumann, cofounders of WeWork, tell us how they are coming together as a community for one of the company's employees. [Read More]
After one of WeWork's employees was diagnosed with a rare disease, the startup joined forces with non-profit 'Be The Match' to help find bone marrow... [Read More]
Image 2 of 20 from gallery of WeWork Tower 535 / NCDA. Photograph by Dennis Lo Designs... [Read More]
Completed in 2017 in Hong Kong. Images by Dennis Lo Designs. The new model of communal workspaces with hot desking and flexible new ways of... [Read More]
In a first for the legal marijuana industry, a prominent venture capital firm has made moves to cash in. On May 23, Hound Labs,... [Read More]
The co-working sensation is taking on increasing numbers of big business clients, but says it can keep the values that started with two friends in... [Read More]
WeWork, Quicken Loans team up on event day that includes having region's small businesses compete for funds... [Read More]
WeWork founder Adam Neumann donated $1 million to Be the Match, a bone marrow transplant organization, in an effort to find the company's 15th employee... [Read More]
Unicorns are ailing in Silicon Valley. Uber the ride-hailing unicorn is besieged by scandal, WeWork the shared-office unicorn fighting lawsuits from former employees. Home-rental unicorn…... [Read More]
Adam Neumann appeared at TechCrunch Disrupt. [Read More]