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A Logan High School teacher is facing criminal charges for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with an underage girl in Weber County. [Read More]
Weber County officials say investigations are underway in the wake of the firing of a Sheriff's Office evidence room employee who allegedly was "under the... [Read More]
Weber County deputies say they found 57-year-old Joseph Scott Harris in a car on the side of the road with an underage teen Friday, both... [Read More]
Steve Waldrip, a Republican, will seek the District 8 post, which covers western Weber County. [Read More]
Lorraine Brown said she's considered running for Pitcher's Weber County post for years. [Read More]
An employee with the Weber County Sheriff's Office was fired after he or she was discovered to be "under the influence." [Read More]
A Weber County evidence room employee has been fired after appearing to be under the influence of "an unknown substance" at work, police say. A... [Read More]
The Huntsville GOPer has already heard of would-be candidates interested in vying for the District 8 House seat, which covers western Weber County. [Read More]
The Weber County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation into a former evidence room employee who may have been under the influence while on duty. [Read More]
Weber County mayors say that the Utah Transit Authority is ignoring how they want to spend increased sales taxes for transit and roads that local... [Read More]
Weber County ranked last in safety among all Utah counties in 2016, earning the title thre... [Read More]
In 2019, after more than 20 years, the Business Depot Ogden redevelopment area will expire, sending a torrent of new tax dollars to the Ogden... [Read More]
A school dance rule set by a school district in Weber County, Utah raised concerns for one student's mother, KTLA sister station KSTU reported Thursday. [Read More]
Lori Brinkerhoff, who formerly served on the Hooper City Council, has about 600 of the 1,487 signatures she needs in her bid to petition for... [Read More]
Samuel Newton, a Montana-based attorney, claims in a lawsuit filed Jan. 21 that Weber County terminated his contract after he expressed frustrations with the county... [Read More]
Sheriff Terry Thompson, the two-term incumbent, announced last month that he wouldn't seek re-election. [Read More]
When he was arrested two years ago, Ashley Evan Jessop allegedly told an Ogden police officer that he had a history of seizures, was taking... [Read More]
An appellate attorney has sued a Utah county alleging his free-speech rights were violated when he was fired after speaking publicly about a lack of... [Read More]
The former attorney for a death row inmate is suing Weber County, claiming his contract was terminated because he publicly criticized the lack of funding... [Read More]
A Weber County man has been arrested during a sting operation after arranging to meet a 13-year-old boy for sexual activity in Ogden. [Read More]