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New NASA study has added weight to the theory of a 'mantle plume.' It suggests that a heat source is melting West Antarctica's ice from... [Read More]
Scientists have long been confused as to why an ice sheet in West Antarctica rises and falls by up to 20 feet over short periods... [Read More]
Antarctica is warming faster than most places on Earth, causing surface melt. Melt water below the continent's thick ice sheets lubricates their movement toward the... [Read More]
It's long been thought a mantle plume was hiding beneath West Antarctica, and a new study has provided the most conclusive evidence to date supporting... [Read More]
NASA says a mantle plume below West Antarctica's Marie Byrd Land is the cause for some of the glacial melting beneath the ice sheet. [Read More]
A geothermal heat source may help explain why West Antarctica's ice sheet is so unstable. [Read More]
The polar regions play a critical role in the global environment. Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers, located in West Antarctica are two of the world's fastest... [Read More]
Thumbnail reports that West Antarctica ice streams, particularly Pine Island and Twaites glaciers, are at risk of rapid retreat.   Thousands of... [Read More]
The 185-square-kilometer iceberg is afloat in the Amundsen Sea off the coast of West Antarctica. [Read More]
A piece of ice two and a half times the size of Paris (or roughly four-and-a-half Manhattans) broke off from West Antarctica over the weekend.…... [Read More]
An iceberg 4 times the size of the island of Manhattan has broken off West Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier, the fastest melting glacier on the continent. [Read More]
An iceberg over 100 square miles in size has broken off of the Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica, The Washington Post reported. [Read More]
A 103-square-mile (266 sq km) ice block has separated from West Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier. It is the second time in just two years that... [Read More]
We've now got yet another worrying sign that human-caused warming is causing the behemoth West Antarctic Ice Sheet to come unglued, threatening to raise sea level by... [Read More]
A colossal iceberg four and a half times the size of Manhattan has broken off the Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica, marking the second... [Read More]
In yet another blow to our ability to slow climate change has occurred in the highly vulnerable West Antarctica ice shelves. This iceberg is more... [Read More]
An enormous Antarctic glacier has given up an iceberg over 100 square miles in size, the second time in two years it has lost such... [Read More]
A chunk of ice four and a half times the size of Manhattan fell off an Antarctic glacier. This marks the second time in two... [Read More]
Scientists discovered 91 volcanoes under Antarctic ice. Photo by Colin Monteath/Hedgehog House/Minden Pictures via Getty Images Scottish scientists have detected 91 volcanoes under a... [Read More]
The worst possible spot for a giant volcanic chain? Beneath West Antarctica. [Read More]