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Fort Smith police are investigating whether a man who was found dead in a Fort Smith apartment was an armed intruder. [Read More]
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Florida voters were deciding Tuesday whether Republican Sen. Marco Rubio deserves a second term in an election that also will send at least eight new... [Read More]
The battle over whether law enforcement can access mobile phones by compelling people to provide their biological 'keys' to the devices is likely headed to... [Read More]
President Trump's nominee for attorney general, William Barr, said at his first confirmation hearing today that he would look into whether Silicon Valley social media... [Read More]
Attorney General nominee William Barr has praised the integrity of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, while at the same time committing to find out whether the... [Read More]
Over the course of my nearly 30 years in print journalism, I've had the opportunity to interview my fair share of notable people and celebrities.... [Read More]
Sen. Richard Blumenthal and President Trump's nominee for attorney general, William Barr, got into a series of testy exchanges Tuesday over the scope of special... [Read More]
During his confirmation hearing on Tuesday, attorney general nominee William Barr was asked whether his Justice Department would jail journalists. [Read More]
The Story County Board of Supervisors held a hearing on whether to appeal Iowa DNR preliminary approval of construction permits to LongView Pork LLC. The... [Read More]
Investigators say it is unclear whether the alleged burglars left school to commit the crime or if they never went to school, but said it... [Read More]
Yahoo Sports MLB writer Mike Oz talks about the 2019 baseball Hall of Fame ballot, including the 20 first-timers, whether or not this is the... [Read More]
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I am a huge fan of chicken when it's done right. Whether it's my flourless, fried version from a previous recipe, grilled, smoked or baked,... [Read More]
Shocked cabinet argues PM should seek firm commitments from DUP or appeal to Labour... [Read More]
A final decision on whether Columbus Municipal School District's former deputy superintendent Craig Shannon will get his job back will come by the end of... [Read More]
It's unclear whether the alleged burglars left school to commit the crime or if they never went to school. [Read More]
Germany's domestic spy agency will investigate Alternative for Germany (AfD) to see whether the anti-immigrant party's policies breach constitutional safeg... [Read More]