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A Garden City man has been indicted on drug and gun charges related to distribution of heroin and fentanyl, two potent opioid drugs, according to... [Read More]
An animal rights organization is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the beating death of a Wichita man's dog during... [Read More]
A Wichita Falls man told police that he thought he was a snake before biting an officer on the hand, the Wichita Falls Times Record... [Read More]
A former Wichita police officer is suing the city and two police officials for sex discrimination. Tiffany Dahlquist, who was a patrol officer for six... [Read More]
An estate sale at the home of the late Rodger Arst, the third-generation head of Goldsmith's furniture store, has many surprises. [Read More]
Victor Lerma recently installed a giant chair outside North High School in Wichita. He envisions classmates, alumni and families posing for pictures atop the chair... [Read More]
Clark and Clay Bastians' Uncommon Citizen awards come after the Fidelity Bank owners offer their leadership, donations to Wichita. [Read More]
Let'm Eat Brats owner Manu English and her husband, Austin, will give Wichita something it's long desired: a new German restaurant. It'll open in Revolutsia. [Read More]
Las Islas Marias, part of a Mexican seafood chain that has a restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas, is planning to open in the former Neighbors... [Read More]
Stephanie Byers, a band and orchestra teacher at Wichita North High School, has been named National Educator of the Year by the Gay, Lesbian &... [Read More]
A former Wichita police officer — Tiffany Dahlquist — has filed a federal lawsuit contending she was the victim of sex discrimination in how police... [Read More]
Before a tennis match Friday, Collegiate junior Gehad Qaki heard his opponent tell his doubles partner, "Allahu Akbar." Qaki and his partner, Adam Krichati, were... [Read More]
McDuffie has until May 30 to decide to either remain in the draft or return to Wichita State for his senior season. [Read More]
Wichita claims major success from the NCAA tournament, says results set the bar for future March Madness weekends here and in other cities. [Read More]
Gov. Jeff Colyer makes a campaign appearance in Wichita to announce the endorsement of a former rival in the race for the Republican nomination for... [Read More]
Kirstie Alley visited Wichita and Goddard, Kansas, to see Tanganyika Wildlife Park's lemur island. She said she has seen zoos all around the world, but... [Read More]
Five teenagers were arrested Monday afternoon after a city employee witnessed them rob a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint, Wichita police said. [Read More]
Gilliland & Hayes, a Hutchinson firm that formed in 1959 and has four offices across Kansas, is dissolving. The Wichita office of the firm is... [Read More]
Find out what three games are already cemented on Wichita State's 2018-19 schedule. [Read More]
It was a scary delivery for a Wichita mom before she learned that symptoms of heart failure can be masked by other conditions, for example... [Read More]