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The rehabilitation services department of Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital is now seeing patients in its new space located on the second floor of the SamFit... [Read More]
Classes are canceled at a school district in southern Michigan a day after gunfire apparently from a nearby neighborhood shattered windows of two occupied high... [Read More]
Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey has already made some good moves that give reason to think he'll get it right in the 2018 NFL... [Read More]
Move over Apple 'Walled Garden.' Windows 10's new antimalware scan interface halts scripts by signing code on the fly... but does it work? Security ... [Read More]
Crumpled cars nestled atop each other. Shredded clothing and debris littered the landscape in front of buildings with blown-out windows. Tired, hungry, thirsty, and injured... [Read More]
Neighbors in Spokane's West Central District are worried about a prowler they say is breaking into homes, unplugging porch lights, and peaking into windows. Erica... [Read More]
Police are investigating dozens of vandalized vehicles. In the past couple weeks, there have been more than 35 reports of vehicles damaged by gunshots. Taped... [Read More]
The April live recruiting periods are two 48-hour windows - Friday at 5 pm through Sunday at 5 pm - when college coaches of all... [Read More]
At the newest five-star hotel around Los Angeles, a massive bronze chandelier hangs from its nearly three-story Art Deco lobby, suffused with the scent of... [Read More]
Two cars and a house are damaged in a shooting incident this week in East Moline. Police say they were called to 13th Street... [Read More]
He was known to the patients and staff of a children's hospital in the US city of Nashville, Tennessee, as Spider-Man, washing the building's windows while... [Read More]
Chrome OS will soon combine notifications and quick system settings together in one menu. The new look, similar to Windows 10's Action Center, could be... [Read More]
Ghost is a more affordable augmented reality (AR) headset allows you to create infinite MacOS windows that hover around you in virtual space. Get ready... [Read More]
Instagram follows the lead of a number of other high profile apps by dropping support for Windows 10 Mobile. Updated April 19, 2018: Well,... [Read More]
The connected home industry now covers everything from affordable audio, lighting, and cleaning to more extravagant entries but one lighting and privacy solution homeowners often... [Read More]
Got my summons for jury duty. Starting Friday and continuing for a week, I am on standby. I can't go anywhere or do anything that... [Read More]
Best Overall Best Budget Best Gaming Best Business Best Student Best Thin Tablet Best Mini Tablet Best ARM Tablet Best overall Microsoft Surface Pro... [Read More]
PC gamers can now pick up Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice for PC on the Microsoft Store. Just a week after launching on Xbox One, the... [Read More]
Microsoft has launched a Windows Defender extension for Chrome, giving users another potential option to help them safeguard themselves against phishing attacks, malware, malicious websites... [Read More]
Microsoft is demoting its OneNote 2016 desktop application, replacing it with the Windows 10 OneNote app instead and adding new features only to the latter.... [Read More]