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The world's largest sovereign wealth fund is exiting the oil market - a fact that is sure to have shaken Big Oil to the core.... [Read More]
The world's largest sovereign wealth fund may turn its back on the oil and gas investments in and attempt to cut its exposure to what... [Read More]
Norway's sovereign wealth fund, which is fuelled by the state's oil revenues, wants to divest its oil and gas holdings, the Norwegian central bank which... [Read More]
Currently oil and gas stocks represent 6% of its index. [Read More]
How About Some Tajikistan Bonds?—-The World's Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund's Investment Model Is A Rearview Mirror …… notable is his take on modern capital allocation and... [Read More]
Grandpa tucked a little Tajikistan into his portfolio last month (10yr bonds auctioned at 7.12%). Grandma loaded up on Fallujah (Iraq auction yielded 6.75%). [Read More]
Saudi Arabia has opened a major investment conference aimed at shining a spotlight on the country's efforts to diversify its revenue streams and overhaul its... [Read More]