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The deputy head of UNAIDS, accused of sexually assaulting a female colleague but cleared of wrongdoing by an internal United Nations probe, announced his decision... [Read More]
Video gaming can have many benefits, but, for some, the digital drama crosses into a dark side, which has the World Health Organization is poised... [Read More]
World Health Organization recommends scale-up of preventive screening and treatment... [Read More]
Twenty-seven new flu deaths have been reported in North Carolina since Feb. 11, bringing the total number of deaths in the state to 200. The World... [Read More]
Antidepressants are effective in treating mental health, major study finds ... [Read More]
The World Health Organization (WHO) says there were over 21,000 cases of the dangerous virus recorded in Europe last year, four times the number recorded... [Read More]
By now, you've likely heard that breast-feeding is good. Women hear the mantra "breast is best" practically from the moment they conceive - both the... [Read More]
Grand Forks Herald By now, you've likely heard that breast-feeding is good. Women hear the mantra "breast is best" practically from the moment they conceive... [Read More]
Measles cases in Europe quadrupled in 2017 from the record low seen on the continent in 2016, the World Health Organization reports this week. [Read More]
for some marginalised groups this coverage has been consistently low... [Read More]
The World Health Organization says measles cases in Europe rose from just over 5,200 cases in 2016 to over 21,000 cases in 2017. [Read More]
A new report from the World Health Organization (WHO) is warning that those opposed to vaccinations might be responsible for outbreaks of measles across Europe.... [Read More]
A cholera outbreak in Malawi described as "very difficult to contain" has claimed nine lives and affected a total of 541 people nationwide, health officials... [Read More]
Dear Doctor: After the hurricane in Houston, a lot of moms donated their breast milk to help the babies. Is that safe? Dear Reader: For... [Read More]
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The World Health Organization has added "Video Gaming Disorder" to its list of mental health issues. [Read More]
Outbreaks of measles increased 400% in Europe last year, with the World Health Organization (WHO) warning the highly contagious virus has regained a foothold due... [Read More]
President Donald Trump and his robotic minions have threatened to eliminate America's role in funding the World Health Organization's cancer research program if that organization... [Read More]
Measles infections have skyrocketed in Europe with 15 countries reporting large outbreaks in 2017, according to the World Health Organization. The group warned of severe... [Read More]
The number of measles cases has rebounded in Europe in 2017, after setting a record low in 2016. The continent recorded some 21,000 cases last... [Read More]