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China has delved back centuries in an attempt to justify its alleged mass detention of up to two million Uyghurs and other minorities in the... [Read More]
China has delved back centuries in an attempt to justify its controversial policies in the far-western region of Xinjiang, where experts say up to 2... [Read More]
The government said 'hostile forces' wanted to break China apart and called the region of Xinjiang an 'inseparable' part of China... [Read More]
The far northwestern region of Xinjiang is an... [Read More]
China News: BEJING: China blamed foreign forces on Sunday for causing unrest in its western region of Xinjiang, which has a large population of Muslims... [Read More]
China is defending its governance of the Xinjiang region with a new white paper. [Read More]
Islam was forced on ethnic group 'by religious wars and the ruling class', Beijing says in latest report defending its actions in far western region. [Read More]
All eyes will be on top leaders' upcoming Behaidhe get-together, where Hong Kong is expected to be among key priorities. Events in the city and... [Read More]
Pakistan News: While the UN has said that at least a million ethnic Uighurs Muslims have been detained in China, experts believe that Pak has... [Read More]
Simon Coveneydid not raise the plight of the Uighurs when he met a senior Chinese communist official who is accused of establishing internment camps for... [Read More]
On a recent trip to Xinjiang, the massive Chinese province which lies along the old Silk Road, I could not help but be moved by... [Read More]
CHINA-XINJIANG/USA:U.S. should reject 'prejudice' on China religious rights - state media... [Read More]
Sairagul Sauytbai, an ethnic Kazakh who fled China last year after working in a so-called vocational training center for ethnic minorities, wanted to tell others about the... [Read More]
China concocted an Islamic terror threat of its own, years before terrorism struck, writes Nick Holdstock in his book China's Forgotten People, updated to cover... [Read More]
Beijing on Friday criticised US Vice President Mike Pence and top diplomat Mike Pompeo as "hideous" and "hypocritical" after they called for religious freedom in... [Read More]
Two Australian universities, University of Technology Sydney and Curtin University, are conducting internal reviews of their funding and research approval procedures after Four Corners' revealed their links to researchers... [Read More]
The Australian government has called on China to release a young Australian boy and his mother who have been unable to leave Xinjiang since 2017. [Read More]
Saudi Arabia on Thursday defended signing a letter along with 36 other countries in support of China's policies in its western region of Xinjiang, where... [Read More]
While the bloc has made repeated references to Kashmir, it has been ambivalent about China's treatment of Uighurs... [Read More]
Xinjiang creates 350,000 jobs in H1 ,Chinadaily Forum... [Read More]