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You've probably never even heard of this tune. [Read More]
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It's the moment you've all been waiting for, Dwight Orndorf of Hoover Tractor will announce the winner of the Kioti Krazy Contest. [Read More]
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By Erik Horne Staff Writer The 3-point shooting, ball-distributing center is here to stay. DeMarcus Cousins is at the front of the revolution. ... [Read More]
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out in 2011. It has been officially released on a bunch of platforms, which is probably where you've played... [Read More]
The new Amazon Echo, which costs $99 normally, will be $80 on Black Friday. It's way better than the first Echo, with a slimmer profile,... [Read More]
From denial to downright anger, we look at the stages of being ghosted. [Read More]
G&D Chillers in Eugene could be the largest local company that you've never heard of, yet it plays a role in developing products that many... [Read More]
Supersize my car: remember when the Mini really was mini and the Ford Mustang was a genuine pony-sized car? [Read More]
If you've been following the constant Battlefront II news, then you likely knew that EA decided to temporarily pull microtransactions from the game right before... [Read More]
Speaking about the culture shift taking place regarding sexual assault in Congress with Rep. Debbie Dingell and NBC's Andrea Mitchell, Rep. Barbara Comstock called on... [Read More]
Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina makes the case that the problem of sexism and sexual abuse "cuts across every industry and every walk of... [Read More]
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If you've never had a stranger try to touch your hair without permission, you're lucky. You're also probably not a black woman. A new video... [Read More]
A man walks into a conference room, where two women are planning the company's booth at an upcoming trade show. (Sit tight, this is eventually... [Read More]
You've put fresh sheets on the guest bed, or inflated the air mattress, and hung spare towels in the bathroom. You've tidied and you've stocked... [Read More]