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Susan Wojcicki also says YouTube videos in 25 years will be more interactive. [Read More]
When a Wired reporter confronted YouTube's Susan Wojcicki about the bad video search results for her own name, she responded that the company was "working... [Read More]
CEO Susan Wojcicki says the last 18 months have been about responsible growth. [Read More]
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Google's YouTube video service is growing out of its teenage years, suggested CEO Susan Wojcicki at the Wired 25 Summit in San Francisco Monday. "The... [Read More]
Ana Kasparian breaks down white people constantly calling the cops on #NoFilter. Watch #NoFilter on YouTube TV here: ... [Read More]
Marshmello's "Alone" continues to make milestones as it officially crosses the one billion view threshold on YouTube. [Read More]
A felony child abuse charge has been filed against Dallas Police Sergeant Jamie McDonald. [Read More]
"Fortnite" developer Epic Games is suing a popular YouTuber which it says was using and selling cheats. Over 1.7 million people subscribe to the "Golden... [Read More]
In August, 2-year-old Roman Belville was featured in a baking video on his mom's YouTube channel by accident. [Read More]
The Amazing Lucas is a Youtube sensation. The Classic Physique Champion/NATTY/MAGA/3D Animator has more than 10 million views. The description on his YouTube channel reads:... [Read More]
Videos often circulate of sign language interpreters signing at rap concerts, or YouTube videos of people who are deaf communicating a story to the rest... [Read More]
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The over-the-top TV (OTT) space is getting increasingly crowded, but Hulu thinks it's well-equipped to take on its competitors. In a recent interview with Business... [Read More]
Two new reports suggest that YouTube is ground zero for far-right movement recruiting. YouTube is playing a major role in creating a new generation of... [Read More]
CAA has signed Roy Purdy, the digital star who boasts 7.6 million followers across his social media channels. As a music artist, Purdy's singles have... [Read More]
For over two years, Natasha "Tash" Feldman has been a private chef in Los Angeles, cooking for up to seven hours a day. When it's... [Read More]
In this episode of Man of the People, Pat Tomasulo starts a side hustle at a Cubs game, takes a stand on LaCroix, makes a... [Read More]
Chance the Rapper took a spin around Chicago as an undercover Lyft driver - and it was all for good cause. The Chicago-based rapper and... [Read More]