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Jeff HolzemJefferson CityDear Editor:Like many of you, I have lived in Missouri most of my life. Growing up, I enjoyed hiking in the woods after... [Read More]
Utah's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control asked for your opinion on state-run liquor stores. And you responded. More than 2,300 surveys were returned in the... [Read More]
Gas plant plan doesn't align with state goals... [Read More]
Nelson OttoJefferson CityDear Editor:As I warned, climate alarmists won't stop and people need to stand up. [Read More]
Tom AultJefferson CityDear Editor:It is uncommon for me to write about racism, but after reading the Steve Phillips article in the Nov. [Read More]
Charles SchroederWestphaliaDear Editor:The passing of a great man: George H.W. Bush, a great person, a leader, a gentleman and honorable man. [Read More]
The proliferation of e-commerce has transformed free shipping and same-day delivery from perks to table stakes — and retailers are paying the price. With daily... [Read More]
Retailers and their logistics partners have been pushed to meet growing customer demands for increasingly speedy shipping. And the steady rise of e-commerce has caused... [Read More]
I don't allow just anyone in to my home. I need to protect my wife, son, self, traditions/ways and material goods. My heart cries out... [Read More]
Day in and day out I read letters, or parts of, written mostly, I'd guess, by people connected to the two colleges in the area. [Read More]
become a BI Insider!13 organizing ideas that'll help you make the most of your space SEE ALSO: Automakers and startups are angling for a slice... [Read More]
NBC Natalie Portman appeared on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Thursday. During the interview, Portman told the story of how she accidentally texted... [Read More]
Richard A. HowertonJefferson CityDear Editor:We seen two comments in the newspaper concerning the statue of Ceres that was recently removed from the Capitol dome. [Read More]
Good news, courtesy of President TrumpHarold H. HorstmannLohmanDear Editor:This letter is a follow-up to my letter "Most California immigrants on welfare" published 12/9/2018 as some... [Read More]
The opening of the 2019 session of the General Assembly is rapidly approaching. Just a little over a month away. [Read More]
Thank you to the staff at The Daily Star for your selection of the cartoon on Page 5 of the Dec. 5 edition of the... [Read More]
It's not that more people are speeding more these days. It's just that they are trying to get to the store before the prices go... [Read More]
Thanks for Teen Talk columnist Josie Hovis' "Take action now to mitigate climate change." The "Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act," would addresses... [Read More]