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Fox News host Tucker Carlson has insisted that white supremacist violence is not a pressing issue in America. But such a declaration doesn't seem to... [Read More]
El presidente Donald Trump insistió el martes en que Estados Unidos cuenta con un proceso de "revisión de antecedentes muy, muy sólido" para la compra... [Read More]
Forget the Bunny Ranch and Real Sex -- there are actual sexy movies streaming on everyone's favorite cable platform. [Read More]
Climate change alarmism... [Read More]
Isn't Neymar an otherworldly talent worth whatever price tag a team throws on him? [Read More]
The monkey in the upcoming Y: The Last Man adaptation should be very familiar to fans of '90s TV. That's right, it's the actual Marcel... [Read More]
Years ago, I remember reading a quote about performance expectations. It was something about how we think we judge our standards by the best work... [Read More]
The movie formerly known as Bond 25 has been blessed with a title and a release date, which means it's a real, big-boy movie now.... [Read More]
Facebook is looking to hire journalists whose job will be to fight fake news. The social media giant said it plans to hire a team of... [Read More]
Brora Golf Club was graced by a little rainbow this week, and the beautiful picture is enough to make any golfer want to learn more... [Read More]
There is a lot of speculative science from the man who invented the diet, but actual evidence in support of the diet's efficacy is severely... [Read More]
Bringing actual physical locomotion to virtual reality isn't easy, but an Austrian company is pairing wireless sandal-like accessories with rotating chairs. [Read More]
On Aug. 2, Hamilton County Schools held a professional development presented by motivational speaker, Robert Jackson. The PD was for the teachers in the Opportunity... [Read More]
A vacation home can be a great investment if you buy one in the right location. Vacation rental management company Vacasa recently looked at the... [Read More]
The scientific process, as I have often said, is an engine of human prosperity. For centuries it has been a driving force behind the advances... [Read More]
On Monday, in a rich discussion with Amy Wax, Glenn Loury said blacks "have to establish through their actual performance" that they are "up to... [Read More]
A fourth-year graduate student in the lab of Professor of Geochemistry Stein Jacobsen, Yaray Ku is working on a project aimed at understanding how the... [Read More]
If you've ever wanted to see the inside of your refrigerator while at the grocery store, the Fridge Eye offers that functionality without the hefty... [Read More]
With the Dow having its worst session in years over fears of a looming recession and central banks worldwide cutting interest rates, Boom Bust looks... [Read More]
Ava DuVernay's mini series "When They See Us" was nominated for 16 Emmys, including the Outstanding Limited Series category. The drama, which is available on... [Read More]