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EAST BRUNSWICK One touchdown at a time, the East Brunswick High School (EBHS) football team helped the East Brunswick Police Department (EBPD) raise money for... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence is assuming a greater role in many walks of life, with research suggesting it may even help doctors diagnose disease. [Read More]
About 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of the disease. [Read More]
A Woodbine man was arrested Monday after he allegedly touched a minor on her breast and buttocks and made sexual comments towards her. [Read More]
See how a self exam and the great doctors at Community Medical Centers helped save the life of this valley cancer patient. [Read More]
Artificial intelligence is just as good at spotting the spread of breast cancer as specialists, a study suggests.Advanced algorithms were as accurate as an expe... [Read More]
At 30 years old Desiree Brown was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. [Read More]
In March, Miguel was accused of sexually assaulting a University of New Mexico student named Xian Bass. In an Instagram post at the time, Bass... [Read More]
Annette Bening and Peter Turner discuss "Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool." The film is based on Turner's memoir, originally published in the early 1980s, which tells... [Read More]
A recent study found that birth control was linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. But a doctor from Brigham & Women's Hospital... [Read More]
A recent study confirmed a link between breast cancer and hormonal birth control (including pills but also the patch, implant, and some IUDs). Give yourself... [Read More]
Shortland Street's Ngahuia Piripi has revealed she's been coping with a breast cancer scare in secret for months. [Read More]
Airline claims mother repeatedly failed to follow flight attendants' instructions to buckle her son into his seat after the plane's door was closed. [Read More]
Having a personal connection to breast cancer seems to make doctors more likely to recommend routine breast cancer screenings, a new study finds. [Read More]
A Orange Park Medical Center nurse donated 184 bags of her own breast milk to Mothers Milk Bank of Florida. [Read More]
Fewer women are receiving chemotherapy for the treatment of early stage breast cancer. [Read More]
Led by a strong performance from Jimmy Shaw, the Chelmsford High boys swim team opened its season by edging Newton North, 90-87, on Dec. 8... [Read More]
ST. LOUIS, Mo. _ A new study last week caught the attention of a lot of people. A New York Times headline said, "Birth Control... [Read More]