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Businesses are still feeling the impact of Friday's mammoth 17-year closure of State Highway 1, as they scramble to pull back lost time and fill... [Read More]
Cooler mornings in October make it a joy to get out and work in the home vegetable garden. A number of delicious and nutritious vegetables... [Read More]
Attention Portland: It's free compost week!, Local Sustainable Life, Portland local Sustainable Life, Breaking Sustainable Life alerts for Portland city. [Read More]
The Compost, written by Alexandra Petri, offers a lighter take on the news and political in(s)anity of the day. [Read More]
It'll be state of the art, mushroom producer says, but locals say they don't want to smell chicken manure. [Read More]
Rebecca Hoeffler, program and communications coordinator for Sustainable Duke, said one of the most encouraging results from Duke home football contests this season has been... [Read More]
What brands of tea have completely "green" packaging? What brands of tea have completely "green" packaging? I can recycle cardboard, but many tea bags... [Read More]
Hot compost is one of the best ways to make good soil amendments from unwanted plants and kill the seeds of next year's weeds besides. [Read More]
Tips and tricks for cultivating your own compost from all that fall foliage. [Read More]
Los Molinos SERRF students help the beautification process of the school garden while learning about how to create a compost pile to reduce waste. (Contributed) [Read More]
The consumption of fresh produce is increasingly linked to incidence of foodborne illness. Pathogens including Salmonella enterica, Shiga toxigenic Escherichia coli, and Listeria monocytogenes are... [Read More]
Following this summer's high mortality event, Maine towns start to compost seal carcasses. The seal deaths have been blamed on an outbreak of distemper. [Read More]
You don't need exotic ingredients or fancy equipment to make the good stuff. Get more gardening advice at [Read More]
You know all those leaves you're shoveling this fall? Rather than grumbling, think of them as found gold. Compost gold, that is. Gather all of... [Read More]
UC Master Gardener of Monterey and Santa Cruz County will offer a backyard compost and vermicompost workshop from 9 a.m. to noon on Sunday at... [Read More]
Also, here are tips on how to grow cauliflower that isn't discolored... [Read More]
Maine environmental officials are considering using composting to manage seal corpses left behind from mass die-offs. The Portsmouth Herald reports over 600 dead seals have... [Read More]
"Zero Waste importantly does not mean zero trash, but it does try to bring us to a more sustainable waste diversion and recycling and reduction... [Read More]
Leaf pickup and bundled branch/brush pickup will take place in Adrian every other Tuesday beginning Oct. 23. Stevens Disposal will be picking up leaves bagged in clear... [Read More]
New county program aims to make composting more accessible. [Read More]