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Genetic research shows the six-inch-long skeleton belonged to a human fetus that had multiple genetic defects. [Read More]
Early Monday morning, an Uber-owned Volvo in autonomous mode struck and killed a pedestrian. The vehicle had a human driver behind the wheel when the... [Read More]
In the 15 years since it was found in an abandoned mining town in Chile's Atacama Desert, the bizarre 6-inch skeleton has inspired fervid speculation,... [Read More]
Bones found in Chile belonged to a human girl with a combination of rare genetic defects... [Read More]
A new genomic analysis puts to rest lingering theories that Ata was an alien. [Read More]
In the fourteen years since it was found in an abandoned mining town in Chile's Atacama Desert, the bizarre six-inch skeleton has inspired fervid speculation,... [Read More]
Severe traumatic injuries to the cranium have been challenging to heal due to the large missing bone volume. Typically, metal or plastic implants are used.... [Read More]
Within the next few weeks, workers will be fanning out in neighborhoods of Northeast, Northwest and Southwest Philadelphia to check for defects known as cross... [Read More]
A teenage boy who had been waiting for a heart transplant since last year discovered Saturday that the organ became available when his cardiologist dressed up... [Read More]
People considering breast implants have a lot of questions. For instance, are there alternatives? Will they need to be replaced? Saline or silicone? How much... [Read More]
Doctors say Austin, who has struggled with multiple congenital heart defects, is recovering well after having his surgery. [Read More]
It might be the first time lifesaving news was delivered in fluent Wookie. Austin Eggleston, a 15-year-old student struggling with multiple congenital heart defects, was... [Read More]
Steroids are currently the only available treatment to reduce the repetitive cycles of inflammation and disease progression associated with functional deterioration in patients with muscular... [Read More]
There are a number of areas in the Indian Constitution that require correction. It is time that the document is amended to purge it of... [Read More]
Mitochondria are organelles that produce cellular energy in the form of ATP. The mitochondrion is a unique organelle since it contains multiple copies of a... [Read More]
Defects such as bumpiness and surface cracks were measured over six years. [Read More]
Abby Stahowiak wants legislation to compel the Minnesota Department of Health and physicians to take CMV more seriously. [Read More]
Researchers have observed the formation of two kinds of defects in individual nanowires, which are smaller in diameter than a human hair. [Read More]
MnDot explained that bridges are checked every two years, unless defects are detected. [Read More]
To the Editor: Our water is already polluted in Hopkinton...most have no idea because they do not have the money to test it and find... [Read More]