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Clifton James, best known for his indelible portrayal of a southern sheriff in two James Bond films but who was most proud of his work... [Read More]
The Diabetes Foundation's annual fashion show raises money for children's programs like school education and Camp Kandu.        ... [Read More]
Clifton James, best known for his indelible portrayal of a southern sheriff in two James Bond films but who was most proud of his work... [Read More]
Clifton James, a longtime character recognizable from as a Southern sheriff type in films and TV shows from Cool Hand Luke and Dukes of Hazzard... [Read More]
A study has revealed that type 2 diabetes has tripled in the United States and school-age children are being hit. It is estimated that nearly... [Read More]
If you have Medicare, there's a good chance you have two or more chronic conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease or dementia. [Read More]
Rates of new diagnosed cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are increasing among youth in the United States, according to a report. [Read More]
Apple has hired a small team of biomedical engineers to work on a super secret initiative, initially envisioned by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. [Read More]
The Temple event will focus on conditions including diabetes and blood pressure, and also will have resources for expectant and new parents. - Don Sapatkin,... [Read More]
A former employee of the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission says she was illegally fired and discriminated against because she has diabetes and is black, according... [Read More]
A second diabetes study in adults showed heart disease and stroke incidence dropping... [Read More]
CNBC reports that the company has built a secret team that hopes to develop sensors that can check glucose levels non-invasively and continuously. [Read More]
In The Lancet HIV, Judith Aberg and colleagues present results of the INTREPID study.1 This study was a multicentre, double-blind, double-dummy, randomised clinical trial comparing... [Read More]
Apple has a no-longer secret team working on monitoring blood sugar through Apple Watch. CNBC scooped the story, citing three unnamed sources who said Apple's... [Read More]
Health companies have been chasing the problem of non-invasive blood sugar monitoring for decades... [Read More]
PONTIAC Doctors offer free health screenings Area hospitals, doctors and health care professionals are offering free health screenings for Oakland County residents at the 15th... [Read More]
Apple is reportedly working on a "super secret" medical project: building sensors to monitor blood sugar levels without piercing the skin. According to CNBC, the…... [Read More]
A new study published in American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism shows that rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) who spontaneously develop obesity with aging are prone to... [Read More]
If the schematic that leaked today is real, Apple is putting the Touch ID sensor on the back of the iPhone 8. Dave Hamilton and... [Read More]
The tech company has reportedly hired a team of engineers to develop sensors to help treat the disease... [Read More]