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In early September, President Donald Trump was standing on stage in Mandan, flanked by North Dakota's top Republicans, when he said the last thing any... [Read More]
Republicans are investing enormous amounts of political capital and dollars to pump up support for the GOP tax overhaul in a risky, last-ditch legislative undertaking... [Read More]
Algerians trickled to the polls Thursday to vote in local elections after a low-key campaign that has brought no expectation of change in the North... [Read More]
Eight years after a coup sparked by a previous president's flirtation with a second term, voters in the poor Central American country of Honduras look... [Read More]
Happy Thanksgiving. This year I am grateful for Joy-Ann Reid's coverage of the Donald Trump debacle. Remembering what she said her first... [Read More]
Verizon and AT&T rose 2.2 percent and 1.6 percent respectively on bets they will benefit from the U.S. government's plan to rescind net neutrality rules..... [Read More]
Arizona voters debated Trump's first year in office around a Thanksgiving dinner table. [Read More]
CAMBODIA-POLITICS/ (UPDATE 1):UPDATE 1-Cambodia's Hun Sen warns his party it could still lose election... [Read More]
Kelly Merchant, 50, of Bradley claims she was let go in June 2015 because she is a plus-sized woman, then in her late 40s.. Maine... [Read More]
Supporters of Carles Puigdemont, the ousted Catalan leader, are trying to convince him to make a dramatic return to Spain just before elections next month... [Read More]
ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday said that as many as 26 parliamentarians have still failed to submit their statements of assets and... [Read More]
Queensland voters have been given less than 48 hours to examine how Labor and the LNP will pay for their election promises. [Read More]
Fun fact: Under U.S. law, sexual assault allegations are now adjudicated by political election. [Read More]
Voters participating in the two runoff elections in Peachtree City can begin going to the polls as early as Nov. 27. The runoff election for... [Read More]
Never mind the premature Christmas decorations: Candidates are putting up 2018 election bunting before Thanksgiving. And state Rep. Jake Wheatley, D-Hill District, is already facing... [Read More]
I recently exposed state Rep. Marc Lombardo's vote against funding Recovery High Schools proposal and he has publicly asserted that I did so as a... [Read More]
Let me start off with a premise that is not a stretch.  Muller proves that Trump and his crew both coordinated with... [Read More]
Russian trolls have successfully swarmed Twitter and Facebook in the past year, spreading propaganda with the aim of dividing both the US and Britain ahead... [Read More]
OPS camp wins back AIADMK two leaves symbol in setback for Sasikala ... [Read More]
It's been quite a year, folks. There was the shocking election, followed by the daily matinees from the White House circus, including incompetent appointments to... [Read More]